‘If you lose → you are eliminated from the finals’ Although they have won 10 times in 10 matches in history, China is not easy… You have to explode the bat to avoid embarrassment

The Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team, led by coach Ryu Joong-il, has moved one step closer to advancing to the finals. 안전놀이터

Korea, which advanced to the Super Round in second place in Group B with 2 wins and 1 loss, defeated its archrival Japan 2-0 on the 5th (Korean time). ‘Glasses Ace’ Park Se-woong, who took the starting mound, silenced the opposing batting lineup with 2 hits, 2 walks, 9 strikeouts, and no runs in 6 innings. Noh Si-hwan, who took on the responsibility of batting number four, led the attack by scoring two RBIs. Park Young-hyun, who is ranked first in holds in the KBO League this season, earned a save by allowing no runs in two innings. 

On this day, Taiwan won 4-1 in the first match of the Super Round against China, giving Korea a chance to advance to the finals on its own. If Korea beats China on the 6th, it will be confirmed to advance to the finals regardless of the result of the Taiwan-Japan match.

Korea had an overwhelming advantage over China with 10 wins out of 10 in previous international competitions involving professional players, including the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games. 

China, which had been on the outskirts of baseball until now, caused a stir by beating Japan 1-0 on the 3rd and advanced to the Super Round as first place in Group A by winning all three games. It was truly a surprise. A baseball reporter for a Taiwanese media outlet said, “I never imagined that China would beat Japan. “I really can’t believe it,” he said. 

If you think of it as the Chinese baseball you used to know, you could get seriously hurt. China had the same number of hits in the game against Taiwan, at 6. Chinese pitchers fell behind, allowing 11 walks. Nevertheless, there were not many goals conceded. 

Coach Ryu Joong-il said after winning the first game of the Super Round against Japan, “Chinese baseball has improved a lot. Has good pitching ability. I will prepare well. “I will definitely win tomorrow,” he said. 

Fourth hitter Noh Si-hwan also said, “I was very surprised to see China defeat Japan, a ‘baseball powerhouse.’ Because the Japanese pitchers were so talented, they did not expect China to win at all. Just as China beat Japan, we don’t know what will happen to baseball. I will approach the match against China with the mindset that it is the final. He did not let down his guard, saying, “I will not take it lightly.” 

Chinese spectators are famous for their enthusiastic cheering. Regardless of the sport, every stadium is filled with people constantly shouting ‘Jjayo!’, the Chinese word for ‘let’s go!’. Terrible home territory is also something that must be overcome. It appears that Ryu Joong-il’s young players will have to keep their mentality strong. 

There is a possibility that Kwak Bin, who was expected to be the national team’s ace but whose pitching schedule was postponed due to symptoms of phlegm, will start pitching against China. It seems like there will be more leeway in operating the mound. Coach Ryu Joong-il said, “My physical condition has improved a lot. He predicted that it would be possible to deploy it before China.” 

The hitters need to give more strength. Korea beat Japan 2-0, but was assessed as lacking concentration in scoring situations. Korea was scoreless against Taiwan. The Chinese pitching staff held Japan scoreless.

Kang Baek-ho, who went down from number 4 to number 6, must improve his hitting skills to become more active in his attacks. China is no longer an easy opponent. You must never let down your guard. You must keep in mind that this is an opponent you must overcome to advance to the finals.


Samurai Japan coach Ibata will also serve as coach of the 15-year-old national team? The 2026 WBC head coach may be a different leader.

Hirokazu Ibata (48), who was famous as a shortstop during his playing days, took the helm of the Japanese national baseball team and Samurai Japan. Coach Ibata, who played for the Chunichi Dragons and Yomiuri Giants, has no experience as the head coach of a professional team. He served as coach of Yomiuri and the national team, and coached the 12-year-old national team until shortly before being appointed as the national team head coach.아톰카지노

Coach Ibata announced at the inauguration press conference held on the 4th that he will concurrently serve as head coach of the 15-year-old national team. This means that the coach of national team A also directs the middle school national team. Of course, there has never been a case like this until now.

Coaches Sadaharu Oh (Wang Jeong-chi), Senichi Hoshino, Tatsunori Hara, Koji Yamamoto, Hiroki Kokubo, Atsunori Inaba, and Hideki Kuriyama are national team coaches and have coached the WBC (World Baseball Classic), Olympic, and Premier 12 national teams.

An official from the Samurai Japan Strengthening Committee explained that Coach Ibata wanted to serve as coach of the 15-year-old national team as well. Coach Ibata was very interested in nurturing young prospects. He coached the 12-year-old national team as well as coached the 18-year-old national team and 22-year-old national team players as an interim coach.

Coach Ibata will make his debut at the Asian Professional Baseball Championship in Tokyo in November. However, it is said that his contract period is until the ‘Premier 12’ scheduled to be held in November next year. After this competition, the contract will be renewed at each competition.

First, the contract can be renewed only if the player performs well in the ‘Premier 12’ next year. Depending on the situation, a different leader may lead the 6th WBC in 2026.

After coach Kuriyama, who led the team to the WBC championship last March, stepped down, numerous baseball figures were mentioned as candidates for the next head coach.

From ‘legends’ with no coaching experience, such as Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui, to former Yomiuri coach Yoshinobu Takahashi and former Softbank Hawks coach Kimiyasu Kudo, the list of candidates was on the list. It is reported that a number of candidates declined.


‘From the 1st hitter to the 9th hitter’ Yoo Kang-nam sincerely congratulated his old teammate on his win…but there was some bitterness 

The LG Twins did not win the KBO League while their strength changed three times. After winning the regular league and Korean Series combined in 1994, it went through a long dark period and was irrelevant for 29 years. LG has finally resolved its resentment. 먹튀검증

LG, who had no game that day as KT and NC lost side by side on the 3rd, cheered after hearing the news of the regular season win on the bus traveling to Busan. And after finishing the game at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 4th, I had the victory ceremony I had dreamed of.

However, the place where the victory ceremony is held is Lotte’s home stadium. Lotte won the Korean Series in 1984 and 1992, but is a team that has never won a regular season championship in 41 years. This is a team that has not won a championship for a longer period of time than LG. In addition, this is the team to which catcher Yoo Kang-nam, who played with LG until last year, transferred as a free agent.

Yoo Kang-nam is a player who has appeared in a total of 1,030 games for LG since joining the LG Twins in the 7th round in 2011. He maintained LG’s home base by playing more than 950 innings for five consecutive seasons before this season, including 1008.1 innings last season and wearing a catcher’s mask. The friendship with LG players is so deep that it cannot be explained in words. 

Such Yoo Kang-nam started as a starter in the game between LG Twins and Lotte Giants in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 4th. Yoo Kang-nam, who appeared on the ground wearing a catcher’s mask in the first inning, was the first to look at the LG dugout and congratulate his former teammate on winning the regular season. Oh Ji-hwan, who saw Yoo Kang-nam applauding and congratulating him with a bright smile, showed off his friendship by joking around and asking to come over and join him in the victory ceremony.

Yoo Kang-nam’s congratulations to his former colleague did not stop there. First pitch before the game. During the try-out event, he approached Hong Chang-gi and Park Hae-min, who were in the waiting box, and congratulated them on winning the regular season. That wasn’t all. LG showed a heart-warming performance by congratulating each and every player who came to bat for the first time, from the 1st batter to the 9th batter, on winning the regular season.

Yoo Kang-nam smiled brightly and congratulated me sincerely, but he also showed a somewhat bitter expression. The expression on Yoo Kang-nam’s face as he watched from behind the regular season victory of his former teammate, with whom he shared joys and sorrows and dreamed of winning the championship for 11 years, contained many meanings.

Meanwhile, Yoo Kang-nam has a batting average of 0.258, 84 hits, 9 home runs, 48 ​​RBIs, 41 runs, and an on-base percentage of 0.339 and an OPS of 0.719 in 112 games this season. Yoo Kang-nam struggled throughout the first half of the season, but since September, he has been hitting .400 with hard hits and is raising his batting average, which was only 0.223 until August, to a frightening extent. It may be a little late, but Yoo Kang-nam is not giving up and is doing his best until the end as Lotte’s hope for fall baseball still remains.


‘Precious body’ Machado, elbow surgery ‘up to 6 months to recover’

Manny Machado (31, San Diego Padres), who suffered an elbow injury at the end of the regular season, was put on the operating table. It is not yet known whether he will participate in the opening game of the 2024 season.

The San Diego Union-Tribune, a local media outlet in San Diego, USA, reported that Machado underwent surgery on his right elbow extensor tendon on the 4th (Korean time).아톰카지노

The recovery period is 4 to 6 months. If his recovery period is close to minimal, he could play in the 2024 season opener. However, if the recovery period is long, spring training cannot be completed.

Machado hasn’t played his part this season. In 138 games this season, he only recorded a batting average of 0.258, 30 home runs, 91 RBI, 75 runs, 140 hits, an on-base percentage of 0.319, and an OPS of 0.782.

In particular, last August, when it became virtually difficult for San Diego to advance to the postseason, he bowed his head with a batting average of 0.200 and an OPS of 0.674.

Machado is a very valuable player for San Diego. That’s because he signed an additional five-year, $170 million contract ahead of this season. He ended up being a player worth 11 years and $350 million total.

Accordingly, Machado will receive an annual salary of $39 million from the 2027 season to the 2033 season. Machado will turn 41 in 2033.

What San Diego wants from Machado is the same performance as last year. He had a batting average of 0.298, 32 home runs, 102 RBI, and an on-base percentage of 0.366 and an OPS of 0.898 in 150 games last year.

Attention is focused on whether Machado, who has a precious body, will be able to show the same performance as last year in the 2024 season after going through the rehabilitation process after surgery.


Taiwan, which saved the ‘monster prospect’, was not even at full strength 

Taiwanese baseball was not at ‘full strength’. So it was an even more painful loss.스포츠토토

The Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) baseball team, led by coach Ryu Joong-il, lost 0-4 in the second game of the Group B match against Chinese Taipei on the 2nd. They won the match against Thailand 17-0 (5 cold games) on the 3rd, confirming their advancement to the super round with 2 wins and 1 loss, but the schedule was disrupted due to the blow to Taiwan. After the match against Taiwan, coach Ryu Joong-il pledged, “I will definitely avenge myself when we meet again (in the finals).” However, even if the ‘return match’ is successful, it is difficult to guarantee victory. That’s why Taiwan’s pitching and batting system is better than expected.

Taiwan ended the game against Korea with three pitchers. After starter Lin Yumin allowed 4 hits and no runs in 6 innings, Gu Lin Ruiyang (2 innings, 1 hit, no runs) and Liu Zhilong (1 inning, 1 hit, no runs) took charge of the remaining innings. Lin Yu-min is a minor league prospect who is expected to be a starter in the Korean game early on. He was the number one target for the national team to watch out for, as he was selected as the No. 1 pitcher (4th overall) in the 2023 Arizona Diamondbacks prospect rankings selected by, the official website of Major League Baseball (MLB). Thanks to Lin Yu-min’s performance, Taiwan hid the mysterious ‘Pan Wen-hui card’ until the end.

Taiwan summoned four minor league pitchers (Lin Yu-min, Chen Po-yu, Pan Wen-hui, and Liu Zhilong) for this tournament. Among Taiwan’s ‘minor league four’, Pan Wen-hui is the only bullpen resource. He is a member of the top Single-A team under the Philadelphia Phillies, and recorded 27 games in Single-A this season with an ERA of 2.18. He has 12.6 strikeouts per 9 innings, and his on-base percentage allowed per inning (WHIP) is also excellent at 0.867. 

According to CPBL STATS, which provides Taiwanese baseball news, Pan Wen-hui’s highest speed is 158 km/h (98.2 miles). gave Fan Wenhui’s fastball the highest score of 65 on the ’20-80 scale’, which evaluates a prospect’s talent as high as 80 and as low as 20 (average 50). Taiwan, which finished the first game of the group stage against Thailand with two pitchers (Wu Sheng-ping and Wang Yan-cheng), did not send out Pan Wen-hui in the second game, expanding his use in the super round.

The baseball team defeated Thailand and advanced to the super round. They destroyed the Thai mound by pouring out 11 hits, including 3 home runs, but they must overcome a thorny path if they are to achieve a ‘return match’ with Taiwan in the finals. Since the super round must be played based on the results from the group stage, the national baseball team must defeat both Japan and China, the teams that advanced from Group A, while suffering one loss. After recording 2 wins and 1 loss, we have to watch the situation of other teams. If Japan defeats Taiwan, the three teams will be tied with 2 wins and 1 loss, so the team that advances to the finals will be determined according to the tied team calculation method. After resting for a day, the national baseball team will play the first game of the super round against Group A runner-up (Japan) on the afternoon of the 5th and the second game against Group A runner-up (China) on the afternoon of the 6th.


7 innings of no-runs and 11K perfect pitches until the end… ‘Monster’ Yamamoto wins 4 awards for 3 consecutive years… 16 wins, ERA 1.21, 169 strikeouts, winning percentage 0.727

He finished without giving up a score until his last appearance in the regular season.바카라사이트

Orix Buffaloes’ ‘monster pitcher’ Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25) has virtually confirmed his four wins for three consecutive years. He started the home game against the Nippon Ham Fighters held at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on the 2nd and allowed 3 hits and no runs in 7 innings. He led the team to a 3-0 victory and posted his 16th win of the season.

In the Pacific League, they are ranked first in terms of overwhelming number of wins and tied for first in both leagues. In the Central League, Yokohama Baystars left-hander Katsuki Azuma won 16 games.

He faced 26 batters and threw 112 pitches, giving up two walks and striking out 11. In an interview with Japanese media the day before (the 1st), he said, “If I throw well, I think I can hit 8 or 9, and if I’m good, I can hit 10,” but he struck out 11.

Starting with the Seibu Lions match on September 24th, there have been 7 scoreless innings in 2 consecutive games. Of the last six games, he went 30 innings without allowing a run in 5 of them, including a no-hitter and no run.

He lowered his earned run average from 1.26 to 1.21. 169 strikeouts, 70.27% winning percentage. Four wins are certain. He is overwhelmingly first in terms of most wins, earned run average, and winning percentage, and Atsuki Taneichi of the Chiba Lotte Marines, second in strikeouts (157), was out of action due to injury.

For three consecutive years, he posted an ERA in the 1-point range, more than 15 wins, and more than 160 strikeouts. His earned run average is his highest professional record.

Last season, he recorded 15 wins and 5 losses, an ERA of 1.68, 205 strikeouts, and a winning percentage of .755. 2 years for the first time in history

He won four awards in a row, MVP for two years in a row, and the Sawamura Award.

It is the first time for the Orix team to have double-digit wins for three consecutive years, and the first in Japanese professional baseball in 14 years since Yu Darvish (then Nippon Ham) in 2007-2009.

In the top of the first inning, Nippon Ham’s No. 1 Jusei Mannami hit a double to center field. Mannami did well to catch a fast ball outside at 158 ​​km/h with a ball count of 2B2S. The central batting line that followed was completely blocked.

He struck out No. 2 Ryohei Hosokawa on a grounder to first base, No. 3 Yua Tamiya, and No. 4 Yuya Kenji in succession. Damiya caused a missed swing with a fastball and Genji with a forkball.

2nd inning, 2 outs, 1st and 3rd bases due to a walk and a hit. He struck out No. 9 Arismendi Alcantara. In the 5th inning, he gave up his third hit to leadoff hitter No. 7 Yutaro Kiyomiya. He induced No. 8 Yushi Shimizu into a double play and treated No. 9 Alcantara with a grounder to first base, ending the inning. In the 6th and 7th innings, 5 out of 6 outs were struck out.

In the second inning, Orix’s No. 7 Kotaro Kurebayashi hit a timely hit with two RBIs on second and third base with one out. 3rd inning, 2 outs, bases loaded

1 point was added with 4 pushes.

Orix, which early confirmed its league championship for three consecutive years, is aiming to win the Japan Series for the second consecutive year. Last year, in the Japan Series, they fell behind with 1 draw and 2 losses to the Yakult Swallows, but won 4 times in a row.


‘Even if we win, my heart is heavy’ Yang Seok-hwan ‘I’m more worried about Jang Jae-young’s collapse than winning or losing’ Manager Lee Seung-yeop leaves the dugout

When Jang Jae-young collapsed, Doosan players were the first to run.

Kiwoom Jang Jae-young was hit directly in the head by his batted ball during the Doosan game held at Jamsil Stadium on the 2nd.

Jang Jae-young got off to an uneasy start in the bottom of the first inning, giving up consecutive straight walks to Soo-bin Jeong and Soo-haeng Cho. After that, he caught Rojas with a straight hit to second base, but gave up a ball that hit his body to Yang Eui-ji and was in danger of the bases being loaded with one out.스포츠토토

The follow-up batter, Seok-Hwan Yang, hit Jae-Young Jang’s fastball, and the batted ball went straight toward Jae-Young Jang.

Jang Jae-young, who had no time to dodge because his pitching motion was not completed, was struck in the back of the head and fell down.

 Seok-Hwan Yang, hit Jae-Young Jang’s fastball, and the batted ball went straight toward Jae-Young Jang.

Jang Jae-young, who had no time to dodge because his pitching motion was not completed, was struck in the back of the head and fell down.

It was so powerful that the ball that was hit and deflected bounced back toward the batter. Yang Seok-hwan, who was running towards first base, could not hide his surprised expression even during the play.

Third base runner Jeong Soo-bin also could not take his eyes off Jang Jae-young while hitting home.

Doosan coach Su-seong Jeong was the first to run towards the fallen Jae-young Jang. Following Yang Seok-hwan, who was involved, manager Lee Seung-yeop and the coaching staff who were in the dugout also rushed out.

An ambulance entered the ground and waited, and Jang Jae-young, who came to his senses, walked out with the support of his trainer.

Jang Jae-young was immediately taken to the hospital and after a CT scan, he was diagnosed with no unusual findings. He will continue to be monitored as it is only a shock to his head.

With the victory that day, Doosan settled at the plateau of 70 wins (2 draws, 61 losses), solidifying 4th place and catching up with 3rd place NC by 0.5 games.

However, I couldn’t smile because I was worried about Jang Jae-young.

Yang Seok-hwan, who unintentionally hit Jae-young Jang, became the protagonist of the victory with 3 hits, but he could not be happy.

Yang Seok-hwan said, “I had a heavy heart throughout the game. I checked with the manager in between, and fortunately, I was a little relieved to hear that there were no major injuries. Still, I was worried because it was a very sensitive area.” “I sincerely hope and support you to finish this season well without any major mental problems,” he said.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop also expressed his concern after the game, saying, “I hope Jang Jae-young is not seriously injured. I am very worried about him and hope to see him healthy on the ground soon.” Jamsil = Reporter Choi Moon-young /2023.10.03/


‘Do you want to resign or get fired?’ Showalter resigns under pressure… Mets effectively fires Showalter to hire new manager ‘Division’

New York Mets manager Buck Showalter was effectively fired.

Showalter announced to local reporters on the 2nd (Korean time) that he would resign from his position as head coach.카지노사이트

Mike Puma of the New York Post reported that Showalter was told by the club that he would be fired if he did not resign. He was pressured to resign.

Accordingly, Showalter chose to resign rather than be sacked. The Mets then released a statement confirming that Showalter would not serve as manager in 2024.

Additionally, owner Steve Cohen told other reporters that newly appointed president David Stearns had decided to fire Showalter.

“When you bring in a new president, he’s entitled to bring his own people,” Cohen said. “It became clear that he wanted to go in a different direction. That was his right and I gave him that right.”

Showalter was appointed manager of the Mets ahead of the 2022 season after working as a fielder.

Cohen invested a huge amount of money and hated superstar players such as Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander.

In 2022, his first year, he recorded 101 wins and advanced to the postseason, but was eliminated by the San Diego Padres in the wild card round.

They made aggressive investments ahead of this season, but when they failed to even advance to the postseason, Cohen pulled out his sword.

Showalter recorded 175 wins and 147 losses over two years.

It is reported that the Mets will hire a new manager soon.


LG’s concern for being ‘dominant in first place’: “This year’s field training is a failure”

If there are no surprises, the LG Twins are highly likely to secure first place in the regular league for the first time in 29 years and win a direct ticket to the Korean Series. Despite the recent 3 consecutive losses, the gap remains 7 games against 2nd place KT Wiz and 8.5 games against 3rd place NC Dinos. LG, which is creating such a historic season, also has concerns. This is the fielder player base.스포츠토토

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said ahead of the Doosan Bears game to be held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 1st, “It was a failure in terms of developing fielders. I wanted to develop the three players I thought were most important, but it didn’t work out, so I had a very hard time.”

The three players that Manager Yeom mentioned are infielders Lee Jae-won, Song Chan-eui, and Son Ho-young.

Lee Jae-won, who was called ‘Jamsil’s Big Boy’ last year and hit 13 home runs, is a promising slugger who was expected to fully advance to the starting lineup this year. Coach Yeom expressed his intention to play a moderate role this season, even discouraging Lee Jae-won from enlisting, but he only had a batting average of 0.215, 3 home runs, and 17 RBIs in 55 games.

Song Chan-eui, the home run king in last year’s exhibition games, had a batting average of only 0.056 in 19 games in this year’s regular season, and Son Ho-young also had a batting average of 0.167 in 19 games.

Coach Yeom repeatedly emphasized, “Everyone says we have a lot of fielders, but we couldn’t develop them. That’s the most disappointing part.”

LG is a ‘batting team’ that ranks first in team batting average (0.281) and team OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage, 0.758) this season.

However, Coach Yeom said, “We are very dependent on the 9 starting fielders. In the end, because they endured well without major injuries, the batting index was good,” and added, “It is thanks to the good management of the starting players during training. I am really grateful. “I do it,” he said.