Even in ‘PS advancement’… Kim Ng, MLB’s first female general manager, rejects Miami offer

The Miami Marlins played fall baseball for the first time in 20 years in a 162-game system this season, but the general manager left the club.

Local media, including ‘ESPN’, announced on the 17th (Korean time), “General Manager Kim Ng, the first female general manager in the Major League, is leaving Miami.” He added, “Ng’s position as general manager will be filled on an interim basis by Brian Chattin, director of player development.”메이저놀이터

General Manager Ng was appointed as the general manager of the Miami Marlins by signing a contract in November 2020. She was the first female general manager to head a men’s team in any of the four major league sports (American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey), and she was the first Asian American general manager in major league history.

This season, General Manager Eung advanced Miami to the Wild Card Series (WS) in a 162-game system for the first time since 2003 and advanced to the postseason. Luis Arraez and Jesús Luzardo, whom General Manager Ng recruited, have performed very well, and coach Skip Schumacher, whom she hired, is considered a candidate for the National League (NL) Manager of the Year. Miami won 84 wins and 78 losses and boarded the last wild card train.

Although they were eliminated from the National League Wild Card Series (NLWS) by losing to the Philadelphia Phillies, Miami’s 2023 season was a strong year. After taking charge of Miami, General Manager Eung succeeded in rebuilding, raising expectations for next season. Everyone expected Ng to stay in Miami.

But things have changed. ESPN reported, “Miami owner Bruce Sherman planned to hire a president of baseball operations this offseason. Miami wanted General Manager Ng to work until 2024, but General Manager Ng declined.” General manager Ng said in an interview with ‘The Athletic’, “Last week, there was a discussion with the owner of the Sherman team about reorganizing the baseball operations department. We did not agree, so I thought it was right to step down.”

Owner Sherman expressed her gratitude in a statement, saying, “We are grateful to General Manager Ng for all she has contributed to Miami. We wish her and her family well.” He went on to pledge that he will “continue to invest in Miami.” General Manager Ng also left a message of gratitude and support to the club, saying, “I am grateful to the Miami family and fans. I will miss working in Miami. I hope to achieve good results in the future.”

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