Auckland May announces surprise retirement after having the best season

Trevor May (34), who had the best season as the closing pitcher for the Oakland Athletics this year, suddenly announced his retirement.

According to ESPN and Yahoo Sports on the 17th (Korean time), May announced on the Internet broadcasting platform Twitch, “I have decided to officially retire as a professional. I will no longer play baseball.”

It’s truly a surprise retirement.스포츠토토

May, who entered the big league wearing the Minnesota Twins uniform in 2014, went through the New York Mets and wore the Oakland uniform ahead of this season.

‘Weakest’ Oakland was ranked last in the major league again this year, but May recorded 4 wins, 4 losses, 1 hold, 21 saves, and an average ERA of 3.28 in 49 games. May, who recorded the most saves in a season and achieved a career high (personal best record), surprisingly chose to retire from active duty.

“I want to retire on my own terms,” May said.

“The majority of players retire because they believe they are not good enough to be active anymore. There are so many other enjoyable things to do, but it would be terrible to watch yourself slowly decline just to have a relevant job.” He previously expressed his desire to come down from the mound on his own.

He expressed his affection for his Auckland teammates, who he spent the last days of his playing career with.

“I got everything I wanted this year and more. I loved the people in the clubhouse. It was awesome,” he said.

However, he also criticized Oakland’s owner John Fisher, saying, “Except one person.” May raised her voice, saying, “Sell the team. Let someone who is actually proud of what they own sell the team.”

Fisher, the owner of the club, is famous for being stingy when it comes to investment in the club. Oakland’s home stadium is notorious for being the most outdated facility in the major leagues.

Even after taking off his uniform, May will not give up baseball. May, who plans to continue baseball-related activities through YouTube and other platforms, said, “I like talking about pitching. I like teaching people about baseball,” and “Rather, now I plan to do more things related to baseball.” said.

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