Arsenal, will they proceed with a shocking ‘swap deal’… Targeting Napoli’s monster FW?

 Arsenal set their target on Victor Osimhen (24, Naples) to solve the front line problem. There was speculation that Gabriel Jesus (26) could be transferred to Naples to recruit Osimhen.스포츠토토

Italian media ‘Calcio Mercato’ said on the 9th (Korean time), “Osimhen has no intention of signing any contract with Napoli, so the optimism of the owner of the club, Aurelio De Laurentiis (74, Italy), is merely an illusion.” “Osimhen does not look as happy as he did last season and Napoli have to look around unprepared,” he said.

Osimhen, who was the top scorer in Serie A last season, is cruising this season as well, scoring 6 goals in 8 league games. However, he, who used to show a positive attitude on the field, has recently lost his smile. At the end of last month, Naples’ official social network service (SNS) posted a video of Osimhen’s body composited into a coconut, and Osimhen’s side, who saw this, called it “racism” and predicted legal action.

Later, the club took down the related video and Osimhen issued a statement, putting an end to the incident. This incident dealt a huge blow to Osimhen and Napoli’s future. Osimhen, who signed a contract with Napoli until 2025, had been negotiating a renewal since last summer, but received a shock from the club and his future became uncertain.

As a result, Premier League clubs in desperate need of strikers, such as Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham, paid close attention. In particular, coach Mikel Arteta (41, Spain), who is looking for a striker who will focus the attack, plans to use any means possible.

Arsenal is trying to use Jejus, who transferred from Manchester City last season, as a ‘swap deal’ target. British media ‘Express’ said, “Napoli can sign a swap deal with Jejus, so they don’t have to worry about other goals. “Arsenal, whose strikers have been underperforming over the past few years, is keen to recruit a top striker,” the report said.

Jejus came to Arsenal from Manchester City last season and scored 11 goals and 6 assists in 26 league games. Although he showed double-digit scores and decent linking ability, he lacked the decisiveness to be a solid goal scorer. This season, he has only scored one goal in six league games.

Meanwhile, Napoli is watching Jesus, Alvaro Morata (30, Atletico Madrid), and Jonathan David (23, LOSC Lille) as replacements for Osimhen. In the coming winter, the serial movement of strikers is attracting attention.

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