The good image I had before I went to the military… ” KIA’s 26-year-old outfielder’s failure to come to an end in 2023, AG Kim’s energy is ‘popping’

 “You received a gold medal.”

When KIA outfielder Choi Won-jun (26) said that 2023 was not going to work out, manager Kim Jong-guk gave a ‘reasonable answer to a question.’ Since they won a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, this means that it was not an unlucky season. right. Because he has already served in the military, he does not have military service benefits, but he has accumulated points to receive a national pension.먹튀검증

In fact, in 67 games, he had 61 hits in 274 at-bats, a batting average of 0.255, 1 home run, 23 RBIs, 37 RBIs, 13 stolen bases, an OPS of 0.672, and a batting average of 0.328. It is true that my grades are not good enough to be selected for the national team. In any case, the KBO Power Strengthening Committee would have hoped that Choi Won-jun, when selecting the national team, would demonstrate his strengths such as quick feet and accurate hitting during the season and correct his performance as much as possible as the competition approaches.

However, the hopes of the national team coaching staff and the people of KIA were dashed. Of course, his own heartache would be the greatest. It was difficult for him to systematically prepare for the season at Sangmu as at KIA, and the amount of training was limited at the beginning of the season due to a shoulder injury.

After being discharged from the military, he played every day in the first team, but only temporarily increased his pace, but soon returned to his original bad form. Manager Kim Jong-guk moved Choi Won-jun to the outfield, where he was more familiar with first base, but again, there was no significant change.

Still, he took comfort in the fact that he had a batting average of 0.375, 4 RBIs, and 6 runs in 10 games just before joining the Asian Games national team, and wore the national team uniform. But here he was once again unlucky. He injured his calf while training for the national team at Gocheok Dome.

Because of this, he was unable to participate in even a single game in the Asian Games. He was originally scheduled to play as the starting outfielder, but Kim Seong-yoon (Samsung) had to play. Based on his good condition right before joining the national team, expectations that he would be a great boost to Korea’s batting lineup were misplaced.

However, the national team could not forcefully use Choi Won-jun. Perhaps it was also a consideration for KIA. Coach Kim Jong-guk said ahead of the Samsung game in Gwangju on the 8th, “The calf is different again. It’s harder than the hamstrings. “If my calf goes up, I can’t move at all.” The general consensus is that calf rehabilitation is actually less easy than hamstring rehabilitation.

Choi Won-jun returned to Korea on the evening of the 8th and joined the team. Since he could not play in even one game in the Asian Games, not only will he not be able to play in the KIA right away, but he will also have to deal with it depending on the results of the detailed examination. KIA now has 7 games left. Perhaps Choi Won-jun could also join the list of season outs.

Coach Kim Jong-guk said, “He probably wanted to play. However, the calf does not believe the prognosis. “This season has been a bit off, but I hope we can find the reason for the slump and perform well next year, like before I went to the military.”In fact, Choi Won-jun once said that this season’s batting slump was due to a ‘lack of consistency’ during the season preparation process. He is a player who needs to spend next year’s spring camp more faithfully than anyone else.

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