A place called ‘China’s best baseball stadium’… The size is Suwon, the fence is Jamsil, and the soil is MLB style.

The size is similar to Suwon KT Wiz Park, and the shape of the outfield fence is similar to Jamsil Stadium. The ground is major league style.

On the 26th, Korea visited Shaoxing Baseball-Softball Center, ‘the largest baseball stadium in China’, where Korea is challenging for gold medals in four consecutive competitions. According to the introduction of the ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Games’ organizing committee on the 19th, this is China’s largest and best-equipped baseball stadium. It consists of two baseball fields on one side and two softball fields on the other side along the road.

The organizing committee said, “The Shaoxing Baseball-Softball Center, one of the 12 newly built stadiums for the Hangzhou Asian Games, received a lot of attention for both its materials and functions. With an area of ​​160,000 square meters, this center is the largest built in China. “It met the highest standards,” he explained.먹튀검증

However, China is a baseball wasteland. There is a semi-professional league, but unlike other sports, there is no large professional league, and the performance in international competitions is minimal. I was curious about whether it was a baseball stadium that could host international competitions.

On the 26th, Laos, where former coach Lee Man-soo and chairman of the Hulk Foundation is in charge of the staff, and whose team is led by Korean leaders such as coach Kim Hyun-min, is about to play, so we were able to hear opinions from the field.

First, the organizing committee explained on the 19th, “Most of the ground is covered with artificial turf. The infield soil is the same as that used for baseball softball at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The spikes support the players when they stand, but the dirt does not stick to them when they run.” .

Coach Kim Hyun-min explained the condition of the ground, “It’s artificial turf, and the soil is hard. It could be considered major league style.” Former coach Lee Man-soo appears to be very satisfied with the stadium environment. He repeatedly raised his thumb and said, “It’s the best, the best. The ground is in good condition.”

Former manager Lee Man-soo also posted on Facebook after the game, “The baseball field is really well built, out of all the places I’ve seen. The artificial turf and ground, especially the soil around the mound and base around the base, is as good as the major league soil. To prevent irregular bounces.” “It was well done,” he wrote.

Since there is only one day of preparation, drainage facilities are also important. “On rainy days, it becomes muddy and can absorb water without being washed away,” the organizing committee wrote.

“The turf doesn’t look special, but the technical requirements are very high,” field manager Chen Yuwei told the organizing committee. “A high-tech drainage system has been installed under the artificial turf. Rainwater seeps through the turf and is discharged into pipes underneath. Even in heavy rain, He expressed confidence, saying, “After an hour or two, the water will stop accumulating.”

Explanations of the inside, which are difficult for reporters to see, are instead delivered through director Lee Man-soo’s Facebook post. He explained, “The locker room was well-made so that the players could rest comfortably, comparable to the state-of-the-art facilities. Another good thing is that the bullpen was well built next to the bench so that the pitchers could warm up and go straight to the ground.” did.

The size of the first baseball stadium where the game was held on this day is similar to Suwon KT Wiz Park. From home plate to the fence, it is 98m on either side and 122m in the middle. KT Wiz Park is 98m-120m-98m. Among the second home stadiums where professional baseball has been held, Gunsan (98-122-98), previously used by KIA, and Pohang (99-122-99), used by Samsung, have similar left-to-center dimensions to Shaoxing No. 1 Baseball Stadium.

I looked at the shape of the fence using a map app. It is shaped like a fan and reminds me of Jamsil Stadium. This means that the distance between the left and right walls is long.

(Tip for fans planning to go directly to the stadium – I couldn’t find the baseball stadium on ‘Google Maps’. I was able to find it by searching for 绍兴捧(垒)球体育文化中心 using the Chinese map app ‘Baidu Maps’. Taxis are right at the stadium. You cannot come in from the front and can only go to the ‘taxi drop-off point.’ This is all reflected in the taxi app.)

Meanwhile, the Korean team led by coach Ryu Joong-il began training after convening on the 23rd. On the 26th, we had a practice match with Sangmu, assuming a match. After completing the final training at Gocheok Dome on the 27th, we depart for Hangzhou on the 28th. Local adaptation training is scheduled for the 29th and 30th ahead of the final round.

Since the Doha Shock in 2006, Korea has won gold medals three times in a row, including the 2010 Guangzhou Games, the 2014 Incheon Games, and the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games. They will challenge for gold medals in four consecutive competitions against Hong Kong on the 1st.

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