Ohtani does not participate in team photo shoot…The club uses a stand-in

Shohei Otani’s actions are becoming more interesting day by day. There was an interesting scene that day too.

According to local media such as ‘Orange County Register’, Ohtani did not participate in the group photo shoot of his team, the LA Angels, held on the 6th (Korean time).스포츠토토

Major league clubs take group photos of their players as an annual event at the end of the season. It is an event to commemorate the players and staff who worked hard throughout the season.

Unless there are special circumstances, all players with the team participate and take photos.

However, according to local media, Otani did not appear at the photo shoot that day.

Instead, a double with a similar physique wearing Otani’s uniform appeared and took part in the filming.

According to local media, Ohtani later left through the outfield door, avoiding contact with reporters.

Ohtani, who is currently playing as a batsman with damaged right elbow ligaments, was scheduled to start the game the day before, but was excluded from the lineup due to an oblique muscle injury.

Angels manager Phil Nevin announced that Ohtani would not play today either. He was not placed on the injured list.

Nevin told local media that Ohtani wanted to compete, but he refused. Regarding his oblique muscle injury, he declined to comment, saying that his condition is still being checked.

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