Age is just a number! 57-year-old former big leaguer extends his playing career to play for the Greek national team

Born on April 25, 1966. There is a player who was named to the team roster as an active player in his mid-50s, who is approaching his 60th birthday. He was born in 2004 and is a whopping 38 years older than the youngest member of the team. The main character is Eric Pappas (57), who previously played in the Major League of American professional baseball.바카라사이트

Pappas is playing for Greece at the 2023 European Baseball Championship held in the Czech Republic. He was given uniform number 8, and listed catcher and first base as his positions. He was also included in the coaching staff. He is in the game as first base coach. 

Greece, in Group A of the group stage, clashed with Spain, the Czech Republic, and Austria in turn. On the 25th (Korean time), they lost 1-14 to Spain in the first match of the group stage, and lost 0-14 to the home team Czech Republic on the 26th. They realized their limitations as they lost heavily to Spain and the Czech Republic, which are considered strong teams in Europe. On the 27th, he showed his fighting spirit and achieved his first win. They won 11-6 against Austria. Pappas did not play in all three games.

He joined the Los Angeles Angels in the 1984 draft and made his major league debut in 1991 with the Chicago Cubs. That year, he appeared in seven big league games, going 3-for-17 with a batting average of 0.176. He moved to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1993 and played in 82 games, posting a batting average of 0.276. The following year, he left a batting average of 0.091 in 15 games for St. Louis. In his major league career, he recorded 70 hits in 289 at-bats, a batting average of 0.242, 1 home run, 35 RBIs, 34 runs scored, 1 stolen base, an on-base percentage of 0.342, and an OPS of 0.640.

Pappas, who is of Greek descent, retired after playing in the minor leagues after leaving St. Louis and entered the path of a leader. While working as a coach, he was called up to the Greek national team ahead of the 2004 Athens Olympics. Afterwards, he served as a baseball academy and professional team coach in the United States, and was included in the Greek national team for the 2023 European Championships.


A place called ‘China’s best baseball stadium’… The size is Suwon, the fence is Jamsil, and the soil is MLB style.

The size is similar to Suwon KT Wiz Park, and the shape of the outfield fence is similar to Jamsil Stadium. The ground is major league style.

On the 26th, Korea visited Shaoxing Baseball-Softball Center, ‘the largest baseball stadium in China’, where Korea is challenging for gold medals in four consecutive competitions. According to the introduction of the ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Games’ organizing committee on the 19th, this is China’s largest and best-equipped baseball stadium. It consists of two baseball fields on one side and two softball fields on the other side along the road.

The organizing committee said, “The Shaoxing Baseball-Softball Center, one of the 12 newly built stadiums for the Hangzhou Asian Games, received a lot of attention for both its materials and functions. With an area of ​​160,000 square meters, this center is the largest built in China. “It met the highest standards,” he explained.먹튀검증

However, China is a baseball wasteland. There is a semi-professional league, but unlike other sports, there is no large professional league, and the performance in international competitions is minimal. I was curious about whether it was a baseball stadium that could host international competitions.

On the 26th, Laos, where former coach Lee Man-soo and chairman of the Hulk Foundation is in charge of the staff, and whose team is led by Korean leaders such as coach Kim Hyun-min, is about to play, so we were able to hear opinions from the field.

First, the organizing committee explained on the 19th, “Most of the ground is covered with artificial turf. The infield soil is the same as that used for baseball softball at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The spikes support the players when they stand, but the dirt does not stick to them when they run.” .

Coach Kim Hyun-min explained the condition of the ground, “It’s artificial turf, and the soil is hard. It could be considered major league style.” Former coach Lee Man-soo appears to be very satisfied with the stadium environment. He repeatedly raised his thumb and said, “It’s the best, the best. The ground is in good condition.”

Former manager Lee Man-soo also posted on Facebook after the game, “The baseball field is really well built, out of all the places I’ve seen. The artificial turf and ground, especially the soil around the mound and base around the base, is as good as the major league soil. To prevent irregular bounces.” “It was well done,” he wrote.

Since there is only one day of preparation, drainage facilities are also important. “On rainy days, it becomes muddy and can absorb water without being washed away,” the organizing committee wrote.

“The turf doesn’t look special, but the technical requirements are very high,” field manager Chen Yuwei told the organizing committee. “A high-tech drainage system has been installed under the artificial turf. Rainwater seeps through the turf and is discharged into pipes underneath. Even in heavy rain, He expressed confidence, saying, “After an hour or two, the water will stop accumulating.”

Explanations of the inside, which are difficult for reporters to see, are instead delivered through director Lee Man-soo’s Facebook post. He explained, “The locker room was well-made so that the players could rest comfortably, comparable to the state-of-the-art facilities. Another good thing is that the bullpen was well built next to the bench so that the pitchers could warm up and go straight to the ground.” did.

The size of the first baseball stadium where the game was held on this day is similar to Suwon KT Wiz Park. From home plate to the fence, it is 98m on either side and 122m in the middle. KT Wiz Park is 98m-120m-98m. Among the second home stadiums where professional baseball has been held, Gunsan (98-122-98), previously used by KIA, and Pohang (99-122-99), used by Samsung, have similar left-to-center dimensions to Shaoxing No. 1 Baseball Stadium.

I looked at the shape of the fence using a map app. It is shaped like a fan and reminds me of Jamsil Stadium. This means that the distance between the left and right walls is long.

(Tip for fans planning to go directly to the stadium – I couldn’t find the baseball stadium on ‘Google Maps’. I was able to find it by searching for 绍兴捧(垒)球体育文化中心 using the Chinese map app ‘Baidu Maps’. Taxis are right at the stadium. You cannot come in from the front and can only go to the ‘taxi drop-off point.’ This is all reflected in the taxi app.)

Meanwhile, the Korean team led by coach Ryu Joong-il began training after convening on the 23rd. On the 26th, we had a practice match with Sangmu, assuming a match. After completing the final training at Gocheok Dome on the 27th, we depart for Hangzhou on the 28th. Local adaptation training is scheduled for the 29th and 30th ahead of the final round.

Since the Doha Shock in 2006, Korea has won gold medals three times in a row, including the 2010 Guangzhou Games, the 2014 Incheon Games, and the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games. They will challenge for gold medals in four consecutive competitions against Hong Kong on the 1st.


“LAD-Metz, two-way battle over Ohtani” A prominent U.S. reporter, why did the Mets go bankrupt after putting in 478.4 billion won in payroll?

 The prediction that the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets will engage in a two-way battle over the recruitment of Shohei Ohtani is attracting extraordinary attention.아톰카지노

The Dodgers and Mets are National League (NL) teams representing the western and eastern United States and have something in common: a large market, abundant finances, and a history of winning. Ohtani, who ended the season after undergoing elbow surgery, is expected to receive calls from not only the Dodgers and Mets but also big market teams when the free agent market opens after the World Series in November.

Ken Rosenthal, a reporter for The Athletic, appeared on the local podcast ‘Foul Territory’ on the 27th (Korean time) and said, ‘The Dodgers have been mentioned as a potential destination for Ohtani for a long time. At least it is one of the candidate clubs. However, the Mets cannot be ruled out. Steve Cohen said, “It is difficult to believe that Mets owner Steve Cohen will pass on Ohtani.”

He also cited the San Francisco Giants, Texas Rangers, and Seattle Mariners as clubs that could participate in the recruitment of Ohtani. However, he said that the New York Yankees are not very interested in Ohtani. I expected it wouldn’t happen.

The Dodgers did not invest much in the free agent market last winter. They only spent about $52.2 million on signing internal free agent Clayton Kershaw, JD Martinez, and veteran players such as Noah Syndergaard. I just watched as Trey Turner, who seemed likely to stay with the Dodgers at the time, signed an 11-year, $300 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. He wasn’t even interested in a group of big free agents such as Aaron Judge, Carlos Rodon, Carlos Correa, and Justin Verlander.

There was strong speculation that the team was reducing the payroll to target Ohtani, who will become a free agent a year later, at the end of this year. There were no experts who disputed this. The Dodgers are the best team in terms of winning power, which Ohtani considers most important. Despite a series of bad news this season, such as the collapse of the starting lineup, bullpen trouble, and a series of injuries, they won the NL West division championship. Since 2013, they have won the district title 10 times in 11 years.

Even if Ohtani undergoes elbow surgery and cannot pitch as a pitcher next year, the prevailing prediction is that his free agent value will still be ‘more than $500 million.’ There are also predictions that he could sign a three-year contract with an average annual salary of $60 to $70 million. In either case, the Dodgers have sufficient financial capacity.

The Dodgers secured first place in the box office rankings again this year. The Dodgers, who played all 81 home games, mobilized a season total of 3,837,097 fans, or 47,371 fans per game. They overwhelm the 2nd place San Diego Padres (40,390 people) and the 3rd place Yankees (40,358 people). This means that it is a big market club and a club with strong income.

So what advantage does the Mets have? Reporter Rosenthal focused on Mets general manager Billy Eppler. As is well known, General Manager Eppler served as the Angels General Manager from 2015 to 2020 before taking over as the Mets General Manager. He is the person who led the recruitment of Otani, which was announced in a post in December 2017. Afterwards, he helped Ohtani adapt well to the major league, and he boasts a closer relationship with him than anyone else. In particular, Director Eppler is good at spending a lot of money.

The Mets’ opening payroll for this season was $353.55 million (about 478.4 billion won), exceeding $300 million for the first time in history, ranking first overall. Although they gave up on the postseason after running far below expectations due to various injuries and mismatched pitches at the beginning of the season, they are still considered a team that will strengthen their power with the goal of winning next year. Cohen is the richest owner in Major League Baseball, with a net worth of $17.5 billion (approximately 23 trillion won), according to economic magazine Forbes. If there is will, Otani’s ransom is not a variable.

When Ohtani knocked on the Major League five years ago, six of the seven clubs he listed as finalists were from the western region. However, it is now said that there is no regional prejudice.


Season ends → Rising after 3 weeks, ‘154km bang!’… “I had a good rest, but I can’t throw well.” Will Moon Dong-ju be the starter against Taiwan?

“I had a good rest, but I thought I shouldn’t throw poorly.”

Moon Dong-ju of the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team started as a starter in an evaluation match against Sangmu Phoenix held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 26th. Moon Dong-ju took the mound this day as a starter for the Sangmu team, not the national team, and pitched 3 innings, allowing 2 hits, no walks, 5 strikeouts, and no runs.

On this day, all players of the Hangzhou Asian Games national team except Park Se-woong took the field. The players who were not able to participate in the national team asked for the understanding of Sangmu and played the game as Sangmu teams, and in the 9th inning, they also had time to test the ‘match game’ situation between first and second base with no outs. As a result, the national team finished the friendly match with a 2-0 win.스포츠토토

What stood out in the evaluation match with Sangmu was definitely his pitching ability. A total of 10 pitchers were on the mound, including Kwak Bin, Moon Dong-ju (3 innings), Won Tae-in, Na Kyun-an (2 innings), Jeong Woo-young, Ko Woo-seok, Park Young-hyun, Kim Young-gyu, and Choi Ji-min (1 inning), but only 2 pitchers in 16 innings. He showed off his solid pitching, allowing only runs. Although the batters’ batting skills were not bad as they were called up during the season, the pitching ability clearly stood out.

Among them, the player who left the most impressive pitch was Moon Dong-ju. On this day, Moon Dong-ju showed off his powerful pitching against the national team’s batting lineup, using a fastball with a maximum speed of 154 km. It was overwhelming from the start. In the bottom of the first inning, Moon Dong-ju used a 153km fastball as his winning shot against leadoff hitter Kim Hye-seong, striking out the first out.

In the bottom of the second inning, Moon Dong-ju caught the first batter, Kang Baek-ho, with a straight hit to center field, and then got a hit to left field by Moon Bo-kyung, but struck out Kim Hyeong-jun and tied up Park Seong-han with a grounder to shortstop. The first crisis was also overcome well. At the start of the bottom of the third inning, Moon Dong-ju was attacked by Choi Won-jun with a 154km fastball and hit a double to left-center. But he didn’t concede any goals. Dong-joo Moon struck out follow-up hitter Seong-yoon Kim with a 144km breaking ball, and completely lined up Hye-sung Kim and Ji-hoon Choi, completing all pitches in the evaluation match.

What would it be like to look back on the pitching of the evaluation match held ahead of departure on the 28th? ‘Excellent prospect’ Moon Dong-ju is currently under thorough management by the Hanwha Eagles, but has not pitched in practice since pitching 4⅓ innings against the LG Twins on the 3rd. Dong-ju Moon said, “I rested well, but I thought he shouldn’t have been able to throw well. He managed his injury well, so I was able to focus a little more and throw.”

Although he did not play in an actual game, Dong-ju Moon has thoroughly prepared for the Asian Games in the Futures League. He said, “It was my first time throwing a game in a long time, but despite that, I was in very good condition. I was a little more focused because I was throwing against the national team. Today, I think it went as well as I expected. I also liked the feeling of the breaking ball. I played with the new official ball. “This is my first time doing it, and I think I threw it well,” he said.

First of all, I gave it my all as I was only pitching 3 innings. Moon Dong-ju said, “I went in with the mindset of not giving away points. I knew it was 3 innings, so I went in with the thought, ‘Let’s really throw 3 good innings and come down.'” He added, “If (Roh) Si-hwan was hit by his older brother, he wouldn’t have kept teasing him this year.” “I probably would have been hit, but I focused a little more on Sihwan. I threw it thinking that I was really competing rather than just thinking about the percentage,” he said with a smile.

Moon Dong-ju did not forget to praise his ‘junior’ Jang Hyun-seok. Jang Hyun-seok, along with Moon Dong-ju, threw fastballs up to 154 kilometers per hour, striking out two and allowing no runs in one inning. He said, “It was my first time seeing him throw, and I was surprised. The breaking ball and overall were really good,” and “I didn’t know it was 154km, but I think I rested that well.”

Coach Ryu Joong-il expressed his concerns about the selection for the match against Chinese Taipei prior to today’s game. Taiwan is the biggest obstacle for the Korean national team aiming for a gold medal, as many players from the Japanese professional baseball team as well as minor leaguers are joining the team. First of all, the Korean national team is scheduled to face Taiwan once in the group stage on October 2nd.

Before the game, coach Ryu Joong-il said, “I am considering who to start against Taiwan. Candidates include Kwak Bin, (Park) Se-woong, and Moon Dong-ju. First, after watching Kwak Bin and Moon Dong-ju pitch 3 innings each, I will practice tomorrow and in Hangzhou. I’ll make a decision based on what’s going on and the condition. I’m most worried about who I’ll use first. I’ll block with the starting pitcher until the 5th or 6th inning. I think we’ll have to tie up the two starting pitchers until the 5th or 6th inning. There may be variables, but short-term games are like this. “I think I have to do it,” he said.

Manager Ryu Joong-il’s mind became more complicated as the pitchers who were in the starting rotation for his team during the regular season all pitched well without allowing any runs on this day. After the game, the head coach said, “I will give a little more thought to the selection for the match against Taiwan.” It is unclear what decision will be made, but the possibility of Moon Dong-joo taking on the important role of starting the team against Taiwan cannot be ruled out.

Dong-ju Moon said emphatically, “I don’t know who will play (against Taiwan), but I think we need to prepare well for every game. Since it is a short game, we don’t know what will happen, so I think we need to think about all the possibilities and prepare.”


2020-2022 339G, 24 home runs → This season, 135G, 24 home runs, Softbank’s 4th hitter worth 45.1 billion won, 3 wins in batting average, home runs, RBI

He hit 24 home runs over the three years from 2020 to 2022, and hit 24 this season.아톰카지노

Softbank Hawks outfielder Kensuke Kondo (30) was a typical middle-distance hitter with good contact until last year. He hit 52 home runs in 11 years with the Nippon Ham Fighters from 2012 to last year. The 11 home runs in 2021 are the most home runs in a season.

He has a good pitching plan and has a high on-base percentage. Ranked first in on-base percentage in the Pacific League for two consecutive years from 2019 to 2020. In 2019, he walked -0.422 with 103, and in 2020, he walked -0.465 with 89.

He raised his batting average to .300 in 2015 and 2018-2020. He ranked 3rd with 302 6 li in 2015, 30 2 ri in 2018, 30 4 ri in 2020, and 6th in 2019 with 3 0 2 ri.

He hit the market as a free agent last offseason. A total of five teams, including the original team Nippon Ham, competed to catch Kondo. His price soared. He eventually signed a 7-year contract with ‘big money’ Softbank for 5 billion yen (about 45.1 billion won). It is the highest amount in Japanese professional baseball.

He moved to a new team and changed his batting style. Last winter, he built up his muscles and added strength to his swing. He transitioned from a middle-distance hitter to a long-distance hitter. The new attempt led to successful results.

Chiba Lotte Marines away game held on the 25th. Playing as a left fielder, Kondo hit his 24th home run of the season. 0

In the top of the second inning when the score was tied at -0, he had a fierce battle with Chiba Lotte left-handed pitcher Kazuya Ojima as the lead hitter. On the 7th pitch, he pushed a low-course fastball in the middle and led to a left-handed home run.

On September 21, he hit No. 23 against Chiba Lotte and added a home run in three games. In the last batting line in the top of the 9th inning, he reached base with a heavy hit and scored. In the fifth inning, he added an RBI on a sacrifice hit, and reached base in his remaining two at-bats on a walk and a bases-loaded base hit. 2-for-5, 2 hits, 2 RBI, 2 runs scored.

In 135 games until the game against Chiba Lotte on the 25th, he recorded a batting average of .301 (141 hits in 469 at-bats), 24 home runs, 84 RBI, and OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.951. His scoring average is .379.

In the first year of changing teams, a ‘triple batting crown’ is in sight. His batting average is 2nd by 6, his home runs are tied for 3rd by 1, and his RBI is 4th by 4. On-base percentage (0.427) and slugging percentage (0.525) are overwhelmingly first. It is a great performance worthy of the enormous ransom.

Kondo played a key role in Japan’s victory at the WBC (World Baseball Classic) held last March. During his time at Nippon Ham, he played as the number 2 hitter right in front of his junior Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels).Second-place Softbank, which won 10 to 1, earned its second consecutive win over Chiba Lotte. Chiba Lotte lost 3rd place to the Rakuten Eagles and fell to 4th place.


The shortest national team duo’ Baseball is based on heart, not height, “I will prove it at the national team” 

“You don’t play baseball based on your height, you have to prove it to the national team.” (Jichan)
“Height is only part of the gaze, I will only focus on my role.” (Seongyun)

A player with unique specifications will be included in the baseball team at this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games (AG). There are. 1m63cm. The two shortest players in the KBO League have both joined the national team. The shortest duo of ‘little giants’ Kim Ji-chan (22) and Kim Seong-yoon (24, Samsung Lions) are aiming for Korea’s gold medal with their first Taegeuk mark since their professional debut. 스포츠토토

Kim Ji-chan, a four-year professional, was expected to join the national team long ago. Kim Ji-chan, who has proven his ability to perform operations by recording a batting average of 0.294 and 13 stolen bases in 96 games this season in addition to being a utility resource capable of playing second base, shortstop, and outfield defense, was proudly named in the final entry of the national team announced in June. Kim Ji-chan, who felt awkward about his first time with the adult national team, said, “I will talk a lot with my older brothers and learn a lot from technical to life aspects.” 

Kim Seong-yoon’s life with the national team is more awkward than Kim Ji-chan’s. Because he was a ‘surprise selection’ that even he didn’t expect. Junior Kim Hyun-jun (Samsung) emerged as a strong candidate for the outfield position where Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes) was missing, but when the replacement was announced, it was Kim Seong-yoon who was called. His batting average in the second half was 0.354 (1st in the team, 8th in the league), and he received passing marks for his good batting skills, quick feet, and ability to execute strategies appropriate to the situation. He said, “I was very shocked when I received the call that I had been selected for the national team, but now I am even more excited.” 

Both players are expected to play various positions on the national team. Kim Ji-chan, who can play second base and shortstop, is expected to compete for the keystone combination position with Kim Hye-seong (Kiwoom Heroes), Park Seong-han (SSG Landers), and Kim Joo-won (NC Dinos). He’s also been mentioned as an outfielder, but he hasn’t done any outfield training yet. As he has good operational skills at bat, he is expected to be placed in the upper and lower batting order. Kim Ji-chan strengthened his resolve, saying, “I will prepare well in my mind so that I can do well in any situation or position.” 

Kim Seong-yoon can also play all outfield positions. There are only four outfielders on the national team, so in limited situations, he has quick feet, strong shoulders, and the power to hit a single despite his small stature, so his versatility is endless. In addition to being a starter, he has a lot of experience as a pinch hitter, pinch runner, and defender, so he will be used in a variety of ways. Kim Seong-yoon said, “I will try to be fully prepared so that I can faithfully carry out my duties no matter what role I play. He said, “My brothers on the team (Samsung) also advised me to do what I can well rather than being overly ambitious,” and expressed his determination going into the competition. 

‘The shortest national team duo’. What attracted attention with the news of the two players being selected together was their height. However, Kim Seong-yoon said, “Height is only a part of how others see me,” and added, “I will only focus on performing the role given to me well in the competition.” Kim Ji-chan has also always said, “You don’t play baseball because of your height,” from the beginning of his professional career. He gritted his teeth and said, “Now it’s time to prove that to the national team.” 


For the first time in 141 years of history’ Bae Ji-hwan’s one-man show was reversed from 0:9 to 13:12! Fantastic defense with 2 hits, 3 RBIs, and a double play 

It was truly a one-man show in offense and defense. Bae Ji-hwan (24)’s performance stood out in helping his team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, turn a 0-9 loss into a 13-12 victory.아톰카지노

Bae Ji-hwan started as number 8 and second baseman in the 2023 Major League (ML) away game against the Cincinnati Reds held at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on the 24th (Korean time) and went 2 hits in 4 at-bats, 3 RBIs, 1 run, and 1 walk. recorded. He failed to steal one base, but hit in three straight games, raising his batting average from .237 to .241.

Pittsburgh won four straight games in a historic upset that will remain in the club’s history, and maintained fourth place in the National League Central Division with 74 wins and 81 losses. According to Sarah Lang, a major league statistical analyst, it was the first time since Pittsburgh was founded in 1882 that it came back from a 9-point deficit to win. Since joining the National League in 1887, four comeback wins by 8 points were the best record.

Pittsburgh’s victory seemed unlikely as starter Bailey Falter collapsed in two innings, allowing 8 runs, 9 hits (3 home runs), 1 walk, 1 strikeout, and 1 strikeout. Kyle Nicholas, who took the mound next, put out the fire by allowing 2 hits, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts, and 1 run in 2 innings, but the loss was deep as the score was 0:9 until the 3rd inning.

Bae Ji-hwan only got on base with a strike and no out in his first at-bat in the third inning, and his early performance was quiet. In the 4th inning, with 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd base, Alfonso Rivas made up for it with a timely hit with an RBI single to left, and Bae Ji-hwan got on base with a walk, but the follow-up hit was missed and the spark of the chase was extinguished for now.

However, the counterattack began in the 6th inning. After back-to-back hits by Jarrett Triolo and Endy Rodriguez, Cincinnati starter Connor Phillips was replaced by Alex Young. Rivas’ ground ball put the team on second and third base with one out, and Bae Ji-hwan pulled the trigger on the chase with a timely hit with an RBI single to right. It was a technical hit made by well coping with a low curve of 81.8 miles per hour. The game began to heat up in earnest as Joshua Palacios hit a timely hit with an RBI single to right and Brian Reynolds hit a three-run run to right.

In the top of the 7th inning, when trailing 6-9, Pittsburgh finally brought the game back to square one. Jack Swinski’s single, Triolo’s double, and Andy Rodriguez’s walk put the bases loaded with no outs, and Rivas tied the score at 9-9 with a three-run, timely hit to the right-field wall against replaced pitcher Lucas Sims.

In the top of the 8th inning, with no outs on 1st and 2nd bases due to a ball hit by Reynolds and a hit by Brian Heizer, Swinski made it 10-9 with a timely hit with an RBI single to right. With Triolo on 1st and 3rd with 2 outs and a single, Rivas hit another timely hit with an RBI, and Ji-Hwan Bae also added a timely hit with 2 RBIs that split the outfield in left-center, putting Pittsburgh ahead 13-9. At this time, Bae Ji-hwan was blocked while attempting to steal third base, and his 25th steal of the season was postponed until later.

Cincinnati also launched a counterattack. In the bottom of the 8th inning, with no outs on 1st and 3rd base, Nick Martini made up for one run with a ground ball. Bae Ji-hwan caught Martini’s batted ball and attempted a double play, but shortstop Alika Williams’ throw to first base was slightly late. Christian Encarnacion-Strad then made up for one more point with an RBI single in the middle of the game, and Pittsburgh continued to trail, 13-11.

However, Bae Ji-hwan’s fantastic defense broke Cincinnati’s will to chase. Bae Ji-hwan caught Tyler Stephenson’s batted ball with a sliding catch on first and second base with one out and one out, then stood up again, stepped on second base, and threw it to first base, completing a double play. The local broadcaster did not spare praise, saying, “Nice play.”

Even in the bottom of the 9th inning, when Cincinnati had made up for one more run, Bae Ji-hwan calmly threw Jake Fraley’s grounder to first base from second and third base with no outs, resulting in the first out count. Afterwards, as Cincinnati’s batters retired with a hit, Pittsburgh was able to pull off a thrilling one-point lead of 13-12.

Aside from Bae Ji-hwan, Triolo created scoring opportunities with 4 hits and 3 runs in 5 at-bats, and Rivas played the role of the problem solver with 3 hits in 5 at-bats, 5 RBIs and 1 run. Palacios and Swinski each added firepower to the team with multiple hits.


“Call-up from late September to early October” Samsung rookie finally? 1.5-gun level Sangmu match, 5.2 innings, 2 hits, no runs, hopes for best pitching of the season

Samsung Lions rookie pitcher Lee Ho-seong (19) pitched brilliantly in a Futures League game ahead of his first-team appearance.스포츠토토

Ho-seong Lee took the mound in the Futures League Sangmu game held at Mungyeong Stadium in Gyeongbuk on the 23rd, and pitched 79 pitches in 5⅔ innings, allowing 2 hits, 4 walks, 2 walks, striking out 4, and giving up no runs.

58.2% with 46 strikes. He threw a combination of fastballs (133-143 km), sliders (124-129 km), change-ups (122-130 km), and curves (104-115 km).

He was perfect until the 5th inning, turning around 1.5-ranked top hitters. The only thing allowed on base was a heavy hit by Seong-ho Cheon in the fourth inning.

We faced a crisis in the bottom of the 6th inning when the score was 0-0. He gave up a walk to leadoff hitter Kim Jae-hyuk and then allowed a hit to Koo Bon-hyuk with one out. After two outs, Jo Se-jin walks, and the bases are loaded with two outs. He was replaced by Han Yeon-wook, and finished the inning without allowing a run.

Lee Ho-seong, who entered the opening lineup this season and had 15 days of first-team experience, is about to be called up for the second time.

Regarding Lee Ho-seong’s call-up on the 20th, Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “We haven’t set a specific date, but we plan to raise it in late September or early October.” He added, “The Futures League schedule is set to include an eight-game series, including a double header with Lotte, in early October. “It’s being adjusted,” he explained. The possibility that this will be his last start before being called up cannot be ruled out.

He showed a stable appearance and raised hope ahead of a call-up at the end of the season.

Ho-seong Lee, who joined Samsung as the 8th pick in the second round after graduating from Incheon High School, is a player that Samsung is nurturing as a next-generation starting pitcher.

He pitched in three first-team games early in the season, allowing two runs in seven innings, with no wins or losses, and an ERA of 2.57. He has 6 Futures League games, 3 losses, 1 hold, and an ERA of 4.26.

The future of Samsung, whose strengths include stable breaking ball control and game management ability with good pitching form.

Ho-seong Lee, who increased his strength through systematic training after becoming a professional, said before the season, “I feel that I have definitely improved compared to last year when I was in high school. I seem to have gained a little weight and gained muscle mass.” He added, “The rotation and weight of the ball are definitely different from what I felt last year. “I lost. Now I feel that the ball has power and is good,” he said.

As his strength increases and he gains experience, he is expected to perform as a stable starting pitcher.

What kind of hope will the first team show at the end of the season? Interest is growing.


Kim Ha-seong, who returned, proved it with a double before returning… In this situation, the Major League’s ‘Top 5’ special player

Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego) returned to the starting lineup after five games after overcoming abdominal pain. And in that game, he hit a double, proving that his and San Diego’s season is not over yet. He also proved that he is still a strong hitter in no-out situations.아톰카지노

Ha-seong Kim played as the starting 6th second baseman in the game against St. Louis held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 23rd (Korean time). It was his first appearance in five games and his return as a starter since he showed off his outstanding performance in the away game at Oakland on the 17th with one hit, one walk, and even a spectacular glove toss. Ha-Seong Kim showed that he had regained his energy by recording 1 hit in 4 at-bats on this day.

Kim Ha-seong, who had played the game fine until the 17th, suddenly felt a stomachache after the game. He didn’t think it was a big deal at first, but before the final game away to Auckland on the 18th, stomach pain got worse and he was hospitalized. It was such a complex problem that even hospitals could not determine the exact cause. While it is known that it is an internal organ problem, not a muscle problem, Kim Ha-seong’s absence period was longer than expected.

In the end, he missed the last game of the three-game series away to Oakland on the 18th and the three-game home series against Colorado. It was an unexpected period of absence. The decision was made because although the condition was improving little by little every day, it was not 100%. However, he appeared as a starter in the game on the 23rd and announced his improved condition. The fact that he played full-time shows that there are no major problems with Kim Ha-sung’s physical condition.

Instead of the familiar number 1, I moved to number 6. This was partly because they wanted to lessen the burden on Ha-seong Kim, and partly because San Diego’s ‘big four’ of Xander Bogaerts, Fernando Tatis Jr., Juan Soto, and Manny Machado have recently shown good hitting skills. In particular, Bogaerts’ recent batting skills, which replaced Kim Ha-seong as leadoff, were at the peak of the major league’s top level.

Ha-seong Kim only hit a ground ball to third base in his first at-bat in the second inning. However, in the second at-bat of the 4th inning, when the team was ahead 1-0, opposing pitcher Hudson’s sinker was caught in the middle, so he pulled it in and made a conceded double. A well-hit ball bounced and went over the fence. It was also Kim Ha-seong’s 21st double of the season.

Unfortunately, Kim Ha-seong, who started when the follow-up hitter Grisham’s fly ball to center field, was out at third base. It seemed like a game worth playing, and the St. Louis defense’s broadcast play was good. However, the hit in the fourth inning was also a scene that once again showed Kim Ha-seong’s strength this season. This is a hit with no outs.

There are two main ways to come to bat with no outs. First of all, he is the lead batter of the inning. This is a familiar situation for Kim Ha-seong, who has played at No. 1 for a long time. Here, a high on-base percentage can increase the probability of scoring in that inning. The second is when the batters ahead have already gotten on base and there is an opportunity. Here too, a high on-base percentage can be a stepping stone to expanding opportunities. Batting after two outs is important in terms of harassing the opponent, but hitting without outs is important in that it can lead to a large number of scores for the team.

Ha-Seong Kim shows a very strong side in this no-out situation. Ha-seong Kim had 202 at-bats with no outs until this day. Ha-seong Kim performed well with a batting average of 0.337, an on-base percentage of 0.410, a slugging percentage of 0.515, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.925. In his no-out situations, he hit eight, half of his season’s home runs, and added 24 walks.

Kim Ha-seong’s no-out batting average is good, ranking 5th in the league. First place is Texas Corey Seager’s score of 0.399. Second place is Masataka Yoshida (Boston) with 0.375, third place is Luis Araes (Miami) with 0.374, and fourth place is Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta) with 0.373. Although the difference between 4th and 5th place is quite large, Kim Ha-seong is showing a batting average similar to Freddie Freeman (LA Dodgers, 0.337), who is showing peak hitting this year.

Ha-seong Kim was strong even in no-out situations, and was very strong as the first batter of the inning. When Ha-seong Kim came in as the first batter of the inning, he achieved good results with a batting average of 0.335, an on-base percentage of 0.411, a slugging percentage of 0.524, and an OPS of 0.935. The batting average of 0.335 ranks 9th in the league in that situation, and the on-base percentage ranks 7th in the league.

Here, the reason why San Diego coach Bob Melvin uses Kim Ha-seong as the leadoff player is revealed. This is because his on-base percentage for no outs or the first at-bat of an inning is very high. Ha-Seong Kim often harasses pitchers with his persistent winning, and this tendency became stronger after he was promoted to leadoff. He saves his bat as much as possible and harasses his opponents. He is a type that is not common in San Diego’s batting lineup, and we can see why San Diego fans like Kim Ha-seong.

San Diego St. Louis, with the return of Kim Ha-seong, defeated them 4-2 and recorded 76 wins and 78 losses. He thought he was giving up on the season, but instead, he is dreaming of a miracle by recording 8 consecutive wins. Starting ‘knuckleballer’ Waldron pitched well with 9 strikeouts and 1 run in 5.2 innings, and the bullpen did well to maintain a 2-run lead. In the batting lineup, Machado performed well, recording 4 hits and 3 RBIs, and Soto had 3 hits.

There are now 8 games left in San Diego. Although the probability of advancing to the postseason is still low at 1.1%, San Diego is not giving up on its dream. There is also interest in whether Kim Ha-seong, who returned from stomachache, can join the 20-20 club by adding three more home runs in eight games. There are three home runs and four stolen bases remaining until the first 20-40 club in Asian player history.


I show respect” Applause for Kim Do-young who broke the no-hitter with 1 out in the 9th inning…cool! Foreigner with 10 wins

“We show respect.”

The undefeated and lucky Oein applauded the batter who broke the no-hitter. KT Wiz foreign pitcher William Cuevas quickly achieved his 10th win. On the 23rd, he started in the Gwangju game against the KIA Tigers and came close to no-hitter, but unfortunately failed to achieve it. However, he led the team to a 4-1 victory with a pitching pitch in 8⅓ innings, 1 hit, 3 walks, 8 strikeouts, and 1 run allowed. 안전놀이터

It was a game by Cuevas for Cuevas. Park Byung-ho hit a pleasant two-run home run in the top of the first inning. With one out in the bottom of the first inning, Kim Sun-bin walked and Choi Hyeong-woo walked, putting them in crisis. There was a problem with balance. At that moment, coach Lee Kang-cheol came up to the mound and gave a tip, saying, “It looks like your arms are high.” 

Cuevas immediately came to life and caught Socrates with a grounder to first base. Afterwards, he pitched a fearsome pitch. Until the 8th inning, he had a perfect streak of no hits, no runs, and not sending out a single runner. In the 8th inning, when Kim Tae-gun, Ko Jong-wook, and Byun Woo-hyuk were pinch hitters, they all hit out and struck out. 

There were 103 pitches until the 8th inning, and Scoreton was ahead 4-0. He returned to the mound for a no-hitter and no run in the 9th inning. He faced the first batter, Lee Chang-jin. Lee Chang-jin swung the second pitch with all his might, but it was a fly ball to right field. With two outs, it was his first no-hit no-run. 

The first pitch against Kim Do-young was a foul. He used a two-pitch cutter, but was caught by Kim Do-young’s swing. The batted ball flew powerfully toward the sky in left center and hit the fence. Left fielder Cho Yong-ho stretched out his arm but could not catch it. Kim Do-young ran to third base. 

Perhaps out of disappointment, he sent out the next batter, Kim Seon-bin, with a walk. In the end, coach Lee Kang-cheol ordered a replacement and made a strong decision. Closer Kim Jae-yoon gave up a run on Choi Hyeong-woo’s infield ground ball at first and third base. However, he later got the third out and maintained the victory. 

Cuevas won his 10th consecutive win of the season with this victory. In particular, he became the first foreign pitcher to reach 10 wins in his first appearance in June. 

After the game, Cuevas joked about his disappointment over the no-hitter and no run, saying, “It’s Kim Do-young’s fault.” He then expressed satisfaction with the victory, saying, “Being a hitter is a very difficult job. I also respect that hitter. It is very difficult to record a no-hit. Even though I failed today, I think I played a good game today.” 

He continued, “I was in good condition in the bullpen. The timing in the 1st inning was strange and my upper and lower body did not function properly. From the 3rd inning, the timing was right and I pitched in good condition until the end. I pointed out that my arms were high, and that helped a lot. After seeing the electronic display in the 3rd inning, “I thought about the small number of pitches and the no-hit record,” he said with a laugh.