‘Challenge for 4 consecutive wins’ Ryu Hyun-jin, 1 win 4 losses ERA 7 points beyond ‘Coors Field’

It is a clear upward trend. Ryu Hyun-jin (36), the “Korean Monster” of the Toronto Blue Jays of the American professional baseball major league, is on a winning streak, blowing the whistle for three consecutive victories. He couldn’t stand on the big league mound for a year and two months due to an injury, but returned this summer and showed the dignity of a veteran. Now he’s looking for a fourth straight win. ‘Pitchers’ Graveyard’ stands at Coors Field.스포츠토토

Visiting Coors Field for the first time after moving to Toronto. As a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, he played an away game against the Colorado Rockies 6 times. struggled He went 1-4 with an earned run average of 7.06. Sophisticated control and skillful ball combinations did not work well either. As the batted ball flew farther than other stadiums, the effectiveness of catching pitching decreased. He pitched 26.2 innings in six starts. He averaged five innings a game short of filling.

I’m playing at Coors Field for the first time in four years. He will face another test at the best hitter-friendly pitch. After returning to the big leagues, it is very encouraging that he threw four types of pitches and avoided many of the opponent’s hitters. His command is still excellent, and he has the upper hand in number fights by making a clear difference in speed depending on the type of pitch. If you can suppress the right hit and fly ball, you can fight well at Coors Field.

In a place where a ‘long hit warning’ is issued, you must demonstrate your unique on-base suppression ability. After returning to the big leagues, he marked a WHIP (on-base percentage per inning) of 1.00 and 1.88 walks per 9 innings in 5 games. He suppressed the on-base as much as possible and reduced the number of runs. If you gather runners at Coors Field, you will be allowed a long hit and provide an excuse for a large number of runs. Ryu Hyun-jin is well aware of that fact.

He can’t help but be mindful of allowing extra hits, but he doesn’t have to avoid it too much. Toronto is far ahead of Colorado in basic strength. They have an edge in the power of the batting line, and the bullpen is more solid. If you don’t lose your composure and show off your skills, there is a high chance that batters will make a breakthrough.

Ryu Hyun-jin played the game against the Baltimore Orioles on August 2 as a big league comeback, and he is about to make his 6th appearance. After 14 months, he stood on the big league mound again and sang a comeback hymn, serving as a hidden card for Toronto’s late game counterattack. If you cross Coors Field, the ‘graveyard of pitchers’, you can start September splendidly.

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