Poor odds -50% odds collapse… 15.2 Billion Vacancy, Fatal Wound, Calls for Total War Again

“I will go to Gocheok and register on the first day (22nd) if there is no problem.”

The return of Yang Eui-ji (36), the homemaker that Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop eagerly awaited, is imminent. Yang Eui-ji is preparing to register for the first team entry in line with the Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes match on the 22nd. Yang Eui-ji has been focusing on treatment for more than 10 days after being canceled from the first team entry after hearing that about 1.8cm of his left flank muscle was torn on the 8th.스포츠토토

Yang Eui-ji proved throughout the season why Doosan signed a 4+2 year 15.2 billion free agent contract ahead of this season. Yang Eui-ji not only led the pitching staff stably as a catcher, but also took on the task of batting fourth on behalf of Kim Jae-hwan, who was shaking at the plate. He was the best hitter on the team with a batting average of 0.323 (94 hits in 291 at-bats, 9 home runs, 44 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.906) in 87 games before the injury

. In the 10 games played since the 8th of the departure, it was only 3 wins and 7 losses. It was the lowest in the league in terms of win rate during that period. The current season record is 50 wins, 51 losses, 1 draw, and the margin of defeat is -1.

Catchers Jang Seung-hyeon and Park Yoo-yeon tried to fill Yang Eui-ji’s vacancy, but the results did not follow. The team’s ERA in the last 10 games was only 5.11. During the 11-game winning streak, Brandon Waddell and Kwak Bin, who were called the lucky ones, struggled with an average ERA of 7.20 in two games side by side during that period. Pil Seung-jo and Kim Myung-shin had an average ERA of 8.53 in 7 games, and Hong Kun-hee only had an ERA of 9.00 in 5 games. As the pitchers, who had good pace, struggled as a group, the mound was inevitably uneasy. On the 15th, starter Choi Won-joon, bullpen Choi Seung-yong, finisher Hong Kun-hee, and setup man Jeong Cheol-won were swapped for positions.

The same goes for the firepower of other ships. The batting average of the team in the last 10 games is 0.236, remaining at the bottom of the league. During that period, Jeong Su-bin (0.382) and Kim Jae-ho (0.364) struggled to lead the batting line, and Park Yu-yeon also contributed to the offense by recording a batting average of 0.308 in 7 games, but Kim Jae-hwan, Yang Seok-hwan, and Jose Rojas could not hit more consistently.

Yang Eui-ji is now ready to return with 42 games left in the season. It is difficult to say now whether it will return to its place as soon as it returns or whether it will take time to warm up. Yang Eui-ji waits for the second half of the game and prepares to add strength.

Coach Lee said, “I trained outdoors for the third day until today (20th), and there was no problem. If there is no problem even if I go to Gocheok, I will register on the first day. I think I should do it,” he explained.

As he saved both his will for the important time, he promised to do his best in the remaining matches. Manager Lee said, “The rankings change every day, and the difference in games is not too small. I think we will have an opportunity someday. We are not overdoing our will and I think the pitchers are well managed. When a chance comes, we have to bet on a game. I think there are more than 40 games left, and the real match is a match the moment you are pushed back.

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