“Right now, we don’t have to look down.” The leader of LG, who is running high at No.

“Now we are in a situation where there is no need to look down. Let’s just focus on our game and keep the good atmosphere going.”

Olympic gold medal, Asian Games gold medal, Premier 12 championship, World Baseball Classic runner-up, and Korean Series championship, so many things have been achieved. However, he has yet to reach the top in a pennant race that runs for seven months. This year is the perfect time to fulfill your longing. LG leader Kim Hyeon-soo (35) conveyed his mindset toward winning the regular season.메이저https://highwaybrazil.com놀이터

When he needed it most, he fired his cannon and led the way to victory. On the 11th, in the bottom of the 8th inning against Kiwoom in Jamsil, Kim Hyun-soo connected opponent pitcher Moon Seong-hyun’s mistake with a two-run four in the final. On the ball count of 3-1, he attacked the slider driven to the center of Moon Seong-hyun, leading the team to a 5-3 victory.

With this victory, 1st place LG became the season record of 59 wins, 35 losses and 2 draws. While beating 2nd place SSG by a gap of 6 games, the first 60 wins were in sight. The following is the Q&A of Kim Hyun-soo and reporters who hit the final home run after the game.

– It was a mismatch in the middle. I wonder if I hit it with a ‘thank you’ momentarily, but how was the home run moment?

It wasn’t until thank you. However, the ball count was in my favor and I waited for a mismatch to come. I knew that Moon Seong-hyun was a very aggressive pitcher, so I thought that a walk would not come out easily. He was able to hit a home run as the driven ball came.

-You’re having a season where you don’t have a single home run. So I wonder if this final home run is meaningful.

There are no home runs to the extent that I wonder if there are times like this. Still, there is still a season left, so I will continue to work hard and try to do well. Today’s home run is good, but it feels better because the team was able to win.

-The current batting pace is good. He did well even in the game that was canceled due to rain. On the other hand, I wonder if there was a time when the batting cycle fluctuated as badly as this year. I am having a season with severe ups and downs.

I think there can be bad times like this. But this, too, must be overcome by the player. So I think it will be solved if I train more and keep training. I’m better now, so I hope things get better from now on.

-There have been a lot of hits lately, but there are also a lot of hits to the left by attacking the outside ball. Any tips?

I’m paying attention to the hip turn. At the same time, I feel that my hip turn has improved. Training focuses on hip turn and shifting of the center of gravity. In the past, I tried to pull it with my upper body too much, so the ball didn’t come out to the left, but now that it’s a turn, the ball comes out to the outside as well as the course.

-I am getting closer and closer to winning the championship that I want to do so much.

As the director said, you can’t be relieved. it’s still a crisis I think the biggest crisis is when we think the championship is right in front of us. Even to the players, I always said, ‘Let’s just watch today’s game. Let’s hope that (winning) will follow. Now we are in a situation where we don’t have to look down. Let’s just focus on our game and maintain a good atmosphere.” He said, ‘It’s going really well right now, so let’s go like this’.

-When was the time you said that?

I did it in Daegu. After losing the first two games, I thought that the players would care about other teams, so I said this. Right now, we don’t care about other teams, but we think that we only have to do what we do and only care about our game.

– Previously, winning the Korean Series was not a combined victory. I did it from the bottom up. So, I think winning first place is desperate.

Yes. I really want to win first place. I really want to do it, but like I said before, we will just watch the game tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and so on.

-Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop said that now, with less than 50 games left, is the point of victory. How important do you think this time is right now after a long professional career?

First of all, the director said that it is a winning place, so the winning place is correct. Players must follow the coach’s words and goals. And I also think that this time is personally difficult and difficult is over. That’s why you have to take good care of your body, and you have to take good care of it so that everyone can go to the game. A team is strong when there are many players who can go out. So, I hope all of our players will participate in the game in good health.

-You didn’t hit the manager hard during the home run ceremony today.

The balance was out of balance. There was a head coach next to him, but the head coach was going to hit lightly and the coach hit hard. But the moment I had to hit hard, the balance was off.

– Austin was ejected for protesting the decision. Did you say anything else to Austin?

He said it was fine. He said he could, he did and I think the referees could send him off too. He said part of the game and told Austin to go in and rest because there was nothing more he could do. He said to prepare tomorrow.

– The second half of the game went into a messy atmosphere. What did you say to the players besides Austin?

You can become sensitive when you are tired and tired and the game is not going well. I told the players that the flow of the game couldn’t continue to be good for us, so I told them to admit it and overcome it.

– Last year, you led the team home run with Oh Ji-hwan. Since the two of them are in the same situation this year, it seems like they feel the same way.

We talked about doing better, but we didn’t say anything special. In Jihwan’s case, as captain, he has a lot of work to do and a lot of defense. I just try to think that if we all win, we’ll be great.

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