Also mentioned as an MVP candidate… ‘Awesome Kim’ Kim Ha-sung’s heyday

Major League Baseball’s San Diego player Kim Ha-seong hit another hit today. The record for ‘multiple on-base in consecutive games’ was tied with Ichiro, but Kim Ha-seong’s performance in the second half was fierce enough to be mentioned as an MVP candidate.메이저놀이터

Ha-seong Kim stepped down after swinging and striking out in the first and second at-bats.

In the third at-bat, there was even an unfair judgment.

This is the 7th pitch splitter in a 2-strike 2-ball situation.

He looked clear on the ball, but as a strike was called, he struck out again.

Kim Ha-seong swallowed regret. He got his chance in the fourth at-bat in the ninth inning.

He flicks the outside slider and gears up for heavy hits. 14-game hitting streak.

His streak of multiple on-base streaks unfortunately stopped at 15 games, the same as Ichiro’s.

Still, Kim Ha-sung’s performance this season is phenomenal. 

He ranks first on the team in batting average and second in OPS combined for on-base percentage and slugging percentage.

The number of pitches per at-bat is 4.36, which is 4th overall in the major leagues and is fulfilling its role as a leading hitter.

Locally, he is also being discussed as an MVP candidate.

In’s mock voting to pick the MVP, I even voted.

Looking only at the second half of the year, his on-base percentage is ahead of Acuna, who is ranked No. 1 in the National League MVP.

Contribution to victory against substitute players is also 5.6, which is tied for second place with Acuña. If you use Kim Ha-seong, you can get 5.6 more wins than when you use an average player in the league.’Awesome Kim’ Kim Ha-seong’s heyday is opening.

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