“Choi Ji-man’s aggressive recruitment, San Diego’s huge disappointment” Kim Ha-seong is 4th in WAR… 7% chance of fall baseball

“It’s a huge disappointment.”

Should the San Diego Padres have had a fire sale right before the trade deadline? On the 30th (Korean time), ESPN looked back on the progress of 30 major league clubs for a month after the trade deadline. “It’s a huge disappointment,” he said of San Diego.스포츠토토

There was a prospect that San Diego would sell reserve free agents Blake Snell and Josh Hader in line with the trade deadline, as well as Juan Soto, who has one year remaining as a free agent. It is true that even at that time, advancing to the postseason was elusive. However, the leadership did not give up, and rather tried to save the slightest hope by recruiting Choi Ji-man, Rich Hill, Garrett Cooper, and Scott Barrow.

This choice is a miserable failure now, a month later. San Diego is tied for 7th in the National League wild card race with 62 wins and 71 losses as of the 30th. They were 7.5 games behind the third-place San Francisco Giants. Considering that there was a gap of around 5-6 games before and after the trade deadline, San Diego has been in vain for the past month.

ESPN analyzed that before and after the trade deadline, San Diego’s chances of making the postseason fell from 41% to 7%. That’s a whopping 34% drop. ESPN said, “San Diego’s chances of making the postseason at the trade deadline have been increased by forward-looking predictions from the roster. He gave that talent to San Diego.”

However, ESPN said, “Has there ever been a major league where the overall performance has been lower than expected as this season? San Diego, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets, Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees are huge disappointments.”

Ha-seong Kim ranks fourth overall in the major leagues with a WAR of 6.2 based on the Baseball Reference. They rank 9th with an offensive WAR of 4.5 and 4th with a defensive WAR of 2.2. It was an impossible mission to make up for the collective sluggishness of superstars except for Soto by Kim Ha-seong alone.

Kim Ha-seong / Getty Images Korea

Moreover, the number of players recruited right before the deadline is generally low. That’s the case with only Choi. Surprisingly, after the transfer, in 7 games, 11 at-bats, no hits, 5 walks and 3 points. After the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 12th, he went to the injured list again. This time it’s a rib injury.


Now, only ‘11.5 billion giant guns’ remain… Will ‘Baseball of Faith’, coach Lee Seung-yeop, who is in danger of fall baseball, bear fruit?

“I think we can definitely rebound.”

He became the home run king by hitting 44 home runs while using Jamsil Stadium, the largest in Korea, as his home. He was a trustworthy hitter who consistently scored 100 RBIs as the No. 4 hitter for the Doosan Bears after leaping to become a regular starter.스포츠토토

That is why coach Lee Seung-yeop feels the sluggish performance of Kim Jae-hwan (35) this season all the more painfully. Director Lee still believes in the rebound of Kim Jae-hwan, who has been watching with affection from his appointment as the same left-handed hitter.

I waited silently with positive theories, and one by one led to good results. Now, that ‘baseball of faith’ refers to Jaehwan Kim. Will Kim Jae-hwan be revived?

Head coach Lee Seung-yeop, who was appointed ahead of this season, was not in a hurry even though he had no coaching experience. Even when foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle left at the beginning of the season, he waited silently, and when additional injuries occurred in other parts, he brought in Brandon Waddell and succeeded.

Even before the season, he struggled with the position of shortstop, but with patience, he established an infinite competition mode and eventually resolved his concerns by leading veteran Kim Jae-ho to rebound.

Coach Lee, who sighed deeply when asked about Jose Rojas, a foreign hitter who had been sluggish throughout the first half, believed in the possibility and rebounded with a batting average of 0.281 in the second half and 0.299 in August.

Coach Lee said of Rojas, “It took a long time,” but “I think the condition is definitely better than the first half of the first half. In the game, I use the toe step. Besides, since I hit bunt hits, the number of goals is also increasing a little,” he expressed satisfaction.

Doosan, who played 108 games, is 54 wins, 53 losses and 1 draw, and is in 6th place, 0.5 games behind the 5th place KIA Tigers. It is still a situation where you can fully aim for advances in fall baseball, but you need to work harder. For this, the role of central hitter Kim Jae-hwan is desperately needed.

Kim Jae-hwan is a great gun with a career batting average of 0.285 and 233 homers. After the 2021 season, he signed a 4-year contract for a total of 11.5 billion won as a free agent (FA), but last year he had a batting average of 0.248 with 23 home runs and 72 RBIs, leaving regret. At the same time as taking office, manager Lee requested Kim Jae-hwan to work hard, but this season is having the worst time since 2016, when he leaped to become a regular starter with a batting average of 0.219, 9 homers and 40 RBIs.

He shows his faith by consistently playing in the game, but he is seldom finding a solution. In the last three matches against SSG Landers, they all started from the bench. He was also a kind of stimulation therapy, but in the last two games against the LG Twins, which were canceled in the rain, he was named in the starting lineup again. Coach Lee, who we met at Jamsil Stadium ahead of the match against LG on the 30th, said, “Shouldn’t we be running? I missed a lot last weekend.”

When asked about the possibility of his rebound, he said, “It’s a difficult story. In fact, this is a very sensitive part, and if you have something to say, doing it directly with the player himself doesn’t lower trust. I was speechless.

However, expectations for his rebound remain. “I think we can definitely make a rebound. But I’m thinking that it would be nice if we could do a little more. I’ll talk directly about the technical part,” he said. Last week, I tried not to go to Gyeonggi-do, and I tried to go out as a pinch hitter,” he said.

He continued, “Still, there is a difference between Jaehwan being in the lineup and being out of the game and entering the middle of the game, so in this series, he was put on the lineup, but he was canceled.” He added, “I have to do my part, but I have to wait.”

I waited silently for injuries or sluggishness, and as a result, it became a valuable wait. There are not many games left, but it is an important road to fall baseball. Furthermore, the role he will show in fall baseball can be a reward for waiting. Will Kim Jae-hwan, who gave manager Lee Seung-yeop troubles throughout the season, make the command tower smile with a miraculous rebound?


‘Challenge for 4 consecutive wins’ Ryu Hyun-jin, 1 win 4 losses ERA 7 points beyond ‘Coors Field’

It is a clear upward trend. Ryu Hyun-jin (36), the “Korean Monster” of the Toronto Blue Jays of the American professional baseball major league, is on a winning streak, blowing the whistle for three consecutive victories. He couldn’t stand on the big league mound for a year and two months due to an injury, but returned this summer and showed the dignity of a veteran. Now he’s looking for a fourth straight win. ‘Pitchers’ Graveyard’ stands at Coors Field.스포츠토토

Visiting Coors Field for the first time after moving to Toronto. As a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, he played an away game against the Colorado Rockies 6 times. struggled He went 1-4 with an earned run average of 7.06. Sophisticated control and skillful ball combinations did not work well either. As the batted ball flew farther than other stadiums, the effectiveness of catching pitching decreased. He pitched 26.2 innings in six starts. He averaged five innings a game short of filling.

I’m playing at Coors Field for the first time in four years. He will face another test at the best hitter-friendly pitch. After returning to the big leagues, it is very encouraging that he threw four types of pitches and avoided many of the opponent’s hitters. His command is still excellent, and he has the upper hand in number fights by making a clear difference in speed depending on the type of pitch. If you can suppress the right hit and fly ball, you can fight well at Coors Field.

In a place where a ‘long hit warning’ is issued, you must demonstrate your unique on-base suppression ability. After returning to the big leagues, he marked a WHIP (on-base percentage per inning) of 1.00 and 1.88 walks per 9 innings in 5 games. He suppressed the on-base as much as possible and reduced the number of runs. If you gather runners at Coors Field, you will be allowed a long hit and provide an excuse for a large number of runs. Ryu Hyun-jin is well aware of that fact.

He can’t help but be mindful of allowing extra hits, but he doesn’t have to avoid it too much. Toronto is far ahead of Colorado in basic strength. They have an edge in the power of the batting line, and the bullpen is more solid. If you don’t lose your composure and show off your skills, there is a high chance that batters will make a breakthrough.

Ryu Hyun-jin played the game against the Baltimore Orioles on August 2 as a big league comeback, and he is about to make his 6th appearance. After 14 months, he stood on the big league mound again and sang a comeback hymn, serving as a hidden card for Toronto’s late game counterattack. If you cross Coors Field, the ‘graveyard of pitchers’, you can start September splendidly.


Despite Ohtani’s injury, he still ranks first as a FA, and his ransom is down to $500 million

 Ohtani Shohei (29, LA Angels) is still evaluated as the undisputed No. 1 major league free agent (FA). However, due to his injuries, his ransom was expected to be between $600 million and $500 million.먹튀검증

On the 29th (Korean time), Ohtani took first place in the off-season FA rankings on, the official major league website. said, “Otani, who has damaged elbow ligaments, may need to undergo a second Tommy John operation (elbow ligament replacement surgery). However, Ohtani said, “Of course, he should be seen as the best free agent player this year.”

After completing this season, Ohtani, who became a free agent, appeared in 130 games as a hitter, recording a batting average of 0.304, 44 homers, 92 RBIs and an OPS of 1.072. He also achieved 10 wins (5 losses, 3.14 earned run average) as a pitcher, but came down the mound with more than an elbow in the last 24 days against Cincinnati. He was diagnosed with an elbow injury and is no longer on the mound. said, “(Aaron) Judge (New York Yankees), one year older than Ohtani, signed a 9-year, $360 million contract last year. Compared to Judge, Ohtani can sign a 10-year, 400 million dollar (approximately 531 billion won) contract even if he is only considered as a hitter,” he said. many. Ohtani’s contract will be worth 500 million dollars (approximately 664 billion won).” The expected destinations include the Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Meanwhile, following Ohtani, Cody Bellinger (Chicago Cubs), Matt Chapman (Toronto), Blake Snell (San Diego), and Josh Hader (San Diego) were ranked 2nd to 5th in the free agent rankings.


SD sells the best hitter, ‘Kim Ha-seong extension contract’ loaded with live ammunition? “No choice”

The fact that San Diego’s performance this season is particularly disappointing is not unrelated to the performance compared to investment. A team that spent a lot of money couldn’t extract that much productivity. I had high expectations, so I was very disappointed. Looking at the team’s salary rankings this season, it’s clear at once how unproductive San Diego’s 2023 will be.메이저놀이터

According to the tally of ‘Spottrak’, San Diego’s team salary this year is about $ 252.75 million (about 335.2 billion won). This is the third largest in the major leagues after the New York Mets (approximately $ 343.17 million) and the New York Yankees (approximately $ 279.36 million). Coincidentally, all three teams that spent the most money this year are on the verge of not making it to the postseason. Even based on the 26-man roster, San Diego is fifth overall with about $193.42 million (about 256.5 billion won). By any metric, it is clear that this is a club that has spent a lot of money.

There are the Mets and Yankees ahead, but the size of the so-called ‘market’ must also be considered. The Mets and Yankees are based in New York, one of the largest cities in the United States. Even in California, it’s not comparable to San Diego, which is a smaller city than Los Angeles or San Francisco. Maybe San Diego has the highest team revenue-to-expenditure ratio. In his own way, the owner made up his mind and made a ‘special special’, but the results did not come out.

As of the 28th (Korean time), San Diego is 61-70 (.466), 4th in the National League West. It is tied with Washington, who is in the process of rebuilding after making up his mind. That’s an incredible score. Amid continued sluggishness, the probability of advancing to the postseason has now dropped to 2.7% (based on fan graph count). It’s a straight slide. After all, San Diego is in a position to think about 2024. The future of the key players in the team must also be determined.

When this season ends right away, left-hander Blake Snell, who served as the ace of the team this year, and left-hander Josh Hader, the team’s built-in closer, will be eligible for free agency (FA). It’s unclear if their alternative will be inside San Diego. There is a bigger problem here. It is Juan Soto (25), the best hitter on the team who will qualify for free agency after the 2024 season.

When Soto was wearing a Washington uniform, he flatly refused a large extension contract worth mid-$400 million in Washington. It seems clear that he’s aiming for a total of over $500 million. As Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) is highly likely to grow the market this year, Soto seems to be able to make a profit as well. If you think you can’t catch Soto, it’s realistic to trade him after this season.

San Diego has yet to make an official comment on Soto’s contract extension. First of all, I kept Soto at the trade deadline this year. However, San Diego already has many high-priced long-term contracts. Manny Machado ($350 million in 11 years), Fernando Tatis Jr. ($340 million in 14 years), Zander Bogatz ($280 million in 11 years), You Darvish ($108 million in 6 years) Ten thousand dollars), Joe Musgrove (5-year total of $100 million), and Jake Cronenworth (7-year total of $80 million) are typical. Even more so, Soto has a bigger contract than any of them.

USA Today columnist and major league source Bob Nightingale said on the 28th (Korean time), “Some major league general managers say San Diego has no choice but to trade Soto before the start of the 2024 season. I’m watching,’ he reported. “Some general managers predicted that the Padres would have no choice but to trade outfielder Juan Soto after a terrible season,” Nightingale added.

Nightingale found this opinion reasonable. That’s because San Diego doesn’t make as much money as the Yankees or the Los Angeles Dodgers. There must be money in the barn to spend on athletes, but that is not the case. In particular, the recent bankruptcy of Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s Valley Sports, which was the main broadcasting company, is significant. A number of clubs signed with this group are struggling. Currently, the Major League Secretariat is stepping up to support production and take over the employment, and is enduring, but it is unknown what will happen in the future.

Originally, the size of the contract for TV broadcasting rights in San Diego was about 1.2 billion dollars in total over 20 years. The Major League Secretariat plans to support the club by any means and methods so that it does not suffer losses. However, if there is no ultimate new contract with the relay company, the Secretariat’s support will inevitably be limited. In San Diego, it is not the time to increase livelihood.

Giving up Soto can at least prevent additional spending on the current payroll. And at the end of the 2024 season, there is a gap to sign an extension contract with Kim Ha-seong (28), who also obtains FA qualification. Assuming that Soto is captured, Ha-seong Kim was in fact something that had to be given up. But he can afford it if he doesn’t catch Soto.

San Diego needs Kim Ha-sung. He is the team’s main second baseman and an all-around player who can play as shortstop and third baseman at any time. In addition, this year, he has improved his offense and is also playing as a leadoff. Now he is an indispensable player on the team. Currently, Kim Ha-sung is valued at an average of 15 to 20 million dollars per year, and it is expected that a proposal of 100 million dollars will be needed over 5 years. Considering the importance of Kim Ha-sung in the team, it could be beneficial for San Diego to catch him even with this money.


 Reduce home run greed, focus on hitting hits… The ex-mountain bat is back

Could it be the end of the harsh ‘2nd year jinx’? The bat of Jeon Eui-san (22), considered the next-generation gun of SSG Landers, started to burn again.스포츠토토

On the 26th and 27th, Jeon Eui-san scored the final two days in a row against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil, Seoul. Entering the bat with all scores tied, he led the team to a winning streak with a solo shot over the right-middle fence on the 26th and a timely hit in the left-middle in the 10th overtime on the 27th.

What stands out more than hitting the final stroke is consistency. Jeon Eui-san has been active with a batting average of 0.462 (6 hits in 13 bats) and 3 RBIs in the last 5 games. He left excellent records such as an on-base percentage of 0.611 (four walks) and a slugging percentage of 0.769 (double hits and one home run each).

It is a 180 degree change from the first half, when the batting average was only 0.192 and then went down to the second group due to sluggishness and injury. He rather reminds me of the time when he experienced his first team debut in June of last year. At that time, he recorded a batting average of 0.333, 3 home runs, and 17 RBIs in 18 games in June, and an OPS (sum of on-base percentage and slugging percentage) of 1.001, saving the team from being threatened by the Kiwoom Heroes.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung also recently said that he would see last year’s performance from Jeon Eui-san. Director Kim said, “Uisani has a good hitting timing, such as hitting a hit recently. He copes well after the 2nd strike. There are also a lot of walks.” I was trying to show (that I work in the first team) without greed,” he recalled.

Manager Kim Won-hyung’s view of the ‘ideal mountain of war’ is a line drive hitter who does not overly desire a home run and does not attack the pitcher. Director Kim praised him, saying, “Uisani responded with a full swing until the last two strikes, and after that, he did not do the same. He took a walk to avoid being outed. His posture at the plate has improved so much.”

The role model that coach Kim Won-hyung suggested to Jeon Eui-san is Yang Jun-hyeok (former Samsung Lions). He said, “Yang Jun-hyeok has a similar body shape to Uisan. The thing that scared Yang Jun-hyeok when he was a pitcher was that he tolerated breaking pitches that fell off the knee (not home runs). That’s how good his patience and pioneering was.” I think I’m making that part now,” he explained.

Eui-san Jeon, a left-handed hitter, said, “My hitting coach Jinyoung Lee said that my right shoulder opens too quickly when hitting, so I focused on adjusting that part.” Not swinging seems to be effective.” Eui-san Jeon said, “The coach tells me a lot, ‘Hit a hit (not a home run).’

For SSG, who needed a solid first base starter, the revival of Jeon Eui-san is welcome. This year, SSG has rotated Jeon Eui-san (269 innings), Oh Tae-gon (240 2/3 innings), Choi Ju-hwan (205 innings), and Kang Jin-seong (196 1/3 innings) as first basemen. Jeon Eui-san is the only young player who can support the team for a long time. If his growing pains lead to real growth, the sluggishness this season is well worth it.


In a place where 160km is the trend, how can Ryu Hyun-jin strike out on a swing with a 104km curve? Slower and more terrifying ‘monster’

In the major leagues where light-speed balls exceeding 100 miles per hour (about 161 km) are rampant, they proudly throw super-slow balls at 100 km per hour.스포츠토토

It is as if we are looking at commentator Yoo Hee-gwan (former Doosan Bears), who enjoyed an era in the KBO League with the ‘aesthetics of slowness’. Toronto Blue Jays Ryu Hyun-jin (36) is making the major leagues nervous with the ‘Arirang Ball’ curve at 100 km per hour. It just doesn’t work. This is because of his unique confidence, perfect analysis of his opponent, and agile arm swing that matches the fastball exactly.

Ryu Hyun-jin started on the 27th (Korean time) in a home game against the Cleveland Guardians held at Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and recorded 4 hits (2 homers), 5 strikeouts and 3 runs (2 earned) in 5 innings. The team won 8-3, and Ryu Hyun-jin took his 3rd win (1 loss) of the season. His earned run average has gotten a little worse, going from 1.89 to 2.25.

In the top of the first inning, he was hit by a solo shot by Jose Ramirez, and it was regrettable that he allowed two homers, including a solo shot to Tyler Freeman in the top of the fifth inning, but he stably led the inning. Expectations were high for pitching the most innings this season as the number of pitches was only 60 until the 5th inning, but he was replaced by Garcia when he faced a crisis with the bases loaded safely due to a series of defensive errors. As Garcia allowed the follow-up hitter to walk, Ryu Hyun-jin’s run increased by 1 point (own fault), and

praise was added after the game. Toronto coach John Schneider said, “It’s amazing. Ryu Hyun-jin throws extremely efficiently and has great control. He has an excellent sense of how the hitter will come out. His speed control is the best in the league.”

On this day, Ryu Hyun-jin’s curve caught the eye. In the top of the 4th inning, 2nd out and 3rd baseman Andres Jimenez struck out on a miss, and the ball set up was a curveball with a high drop of 104 km/h. Every time Ryu Hyun-jin’s curve ball is taken, the major leagues are surprised. The average speed of the curve thrown by Ryu Hyun-jin that day was 109 km, which was lower than before.

MLB analyst Rob Friedman posted a picture of Himenis striking out and was surprised, saying, “It’s a beautiful 104km curve. It’s the slowest ball that this year’s big league starting pitcher induced a miss. When Ryu Hyun-jin pitches, you’ll see ‘how slow’ it is.” marked

On this day, Ryu Hyun-jin used a variety of his weapons, including a fastball of up to 146km (29), changeup (19), curve (13), and cutter (9). What stands out is the restraint of the pitchers. A fastball of 140 km/h, a cutter of 130 km, a changeup of 120 km, and a curve below 110 km.

In particular, this year, he lowered the velocity of the curve and increased the drop. In the past, Ryu Hyun-jin’s curve was formed from the mid-110 km to the mid-120 km. Now, it means that the speed has been lowered by more than 10 km. He increased the speed gap with the changeup. Hitters have a harder time getting the timing right. Ryu Hyun-jin’s changeup has a similar trajectory to a fastball. The curve has a higher trajectory, but the swinging arm swing is very fast compared to the velocity. It is easy for the batter to mistake it for a faster ball. It’s hard to get the timing right.

Because the speed limit has been lowered even more, batters on the bat are shaking their breath. Even in the entire major leagues that go all-in at super speed, this type is rare. There is a rarity.

It is not easy for Ryu Hyun-jin, who is in his mid-30s, to raise his restraint further. Diversification of patterns and the precision of digging into the opponent’s psychology in reverse are Ryu Hyun-jin’s new weapons.


‘Terror Threat Post’ KBO League, referee replacement for LG-NC… Reinforcing spectator security

An unprecedented situation occurred in which the assigned referee changed right before the game due to the ‘murder notice’ that spread to the baseball field.먹튀검증

The ‘2023 KBO League’ LG Twins-NC Dinos match held at NC Park in Changwon on the 27th.

Referee Yoon Sang-won, who was scheduled to serve as the referee that day, dropped out of the game. The decision was made in consideration of the safety of referee Sang-Won Yoon as the ‘referee terrorism notice’ spread in the online baseball community prior to the game.

Referee Yoon Sang-won started as second base the day before. The problem occurred at the bottom of the ninth inning, with LG leading 5-3, with two out on first base. Park Kun-woo (NC)’s infield grounder slightly touched the sole of referee Yoon Sang-won’s foot.

According to the rule, if a fair ball that does not touch an infielder (including pitcher) is hit by a runner or umpire in fair territory, or a fair ball that does not pass through an infielder (excluding pitcher) is hit by an umpire, the batter becomes a runner and the base is vacated. Each runner to be awarded advances.”

According to the rules, Park Gun-woo’s batted ball was recognized as an infield hit, and the situation changed to 2 out 1 and 2 base. Afterwards, Martin’s heavy hit came out, and Kwon Hee-dong hit a come-from-behind 3-run home run against finisher Ko Woo-seok, giving NC a 7-5 victory. For LG, all the games they won were lost due to the ball hitting the referee’s feet.

Some LG fans protested against this, saying that if the ball had not hit the feet of referee Yoon Sang-won, it would have been a ball that would have been put out by the LG defender. An online community even posted a threat to kill the referee. The KBO also received a call from the police after the game that a terrorist threat had been posted.

In response, the KBO removed referee Yoon Sang-won from the game in preparation for an emergency, and replaced the referee with Kim Jeong-guk that day. The NC club strengthened security checks for spectators entering the stadium, and the police also strengthened the security of the baseball field.

In the match that started in a chaotic atmosphere, the NC Dinos won 5-3 thanks to the performances of table setters Son A-seop and Park Min-woo. With the victory on this day, NC swept three home weekend games in a row.


Whether Ohtani is hurt or not… The dodgers are a big trend, but ML can’t come to the opening game in Seoul? ‘Rapid rise of tier 2’

Regardless of whether Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) is injured or not, the general opinion of the LA Dodgers is firm. However, there are 6 teams in Tier 2 as well. One of those teams is strong against each other.

On the 26th (hereinafter Korean time),토토사이트 Fanside picked 7 teams to participate in the Ohtani recruitment match in the 2023-2024 FA market. The Los Angeles Dodgers are always number one. Here are the Los Angeles Angels, the Texas Rangers, the San Diego Padres, the San Francisco Giants, the Chicago Cubs, and the Seattle Mariners.

Fanside did not predict a specific scenario. However, regarding the Dodgers, “We have to wait and see how much Ohtani’s elbow injury will affect Ohtani’s pursuit, but we have to put it first in the free agent market. I have money. There is also the flexibility of the roster. He has the roster talent and postseason pedigree that Ohtani wants.”

If Ohtani wears the Dodgers uniform, he will visit Korea for the opening two games against the San Diego Padres on March 20 and 21 next year in Seoul (Gocheok Sky Dome likely). The Dodgers’ official debut game will be held in Korea. Against Kim Ha-seong.

What’s interesting is that San Diego will also join the fight for Ohtani. This means that Ohtani could wear the same uniform as Kim Ha-seong and face the Dodgers in Gocheok. “They signed Xander Bogaerts to a $280 million contract, even with stars like Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado,” Fanside said. I put my effort into Ohtani when I acquired Soto at the 2022 trade deadline.”

San Francisco is the strongest 2nd tier fancied. There are reports from foreign media that San Francisco can come out unexpectedly hard. It is about the recruitment of Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom) and Ohtani. Fanside said, “I have enough money to sign a contract with Ohtani. A year ago in the free agency market, I was willing to spend over $300 million each on Carlos Correa (Minnesota Twins) and Aaron Judge (New York Yankees). They need stars and have long-term salary flexibility. It is not at all surprising that he is aggressive towards Ohtani. It could lead to a bidding war between the Giants and the Dodgers.” If San Francisco succeeds in recruiting Ohtani, Ohtani’s appearance in the opening game of Gocheok next year will naturally be canceled. 

In addition, Fanside said that Texas is a team that can wait even if Ohtani does not pitch in the 2024 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery. In fact, Texas has significantly strengthened its starting lineup ahead of this season. There is also a top-class ace named Jacob deGrom, who is recovering from Tommy John surgery.

In addition, he said that the Cubs and Seattle also have their own charms. However, Fan Sided predicted that the Cubs may not want to tie Ohtani to a long-term contract. The Angels predicted that they would start a match for Ohtani, but evaluated that the possibility continues to drop.


Great pitcher 165 wins return, 18 hits and 12 points firepower support… KIA 3 consecutive wins, Hanwha writes 5 consecutive losses

The KIA Tigers ran 3 consecutive victories.

In KIA’s ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ Hanwha Eagles match held at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 26th, Yang Hyeon-jong, who returned after 10 days, played a quality start and scored 18 hits, including the cohesion of 5 points in 4 times. won by -4. They had a pleasant 3-game winning streak, and Hanwha fell into a 5-game losing streak.스포츠토토

On this day, attention was focused on the pitching of Yang Hyeon-jong, who returned from 10 days of recharging due to sluggishness. In addition, Hanwha Pena took the mound with the task of avenging Paebe the previous day and creating a foothold to escape from a 4-game losing streak. As a result, Yang Hyeon-jong succeeded in a quality start in 63 days, and Pena collapsed by allowing big innings.

Hanwha made a save. In the top of the 3rd inning, Lee Jin-young went on base with a heavy hit and bunt, followed by Moon Hyun-bin’s double that exceeded the center fielder’s height, and scored the first run. After the second death, Roh Si-hwan blew a heavy hit and called in Moon Hyun-bin, leading to a pleasant 2-0 lead. Against Yang Hyeon-jong, he concentrated on three hits.

KIA counterattacked in the bottom of the 3rd inning, Choi Won-joon got on base with a hit to right fielder, and Chan-ho Park backed up with a double next to right fielder to create opportunities for second and third base. Kim Do-young called in a runner from third base with a shortstop grounder and chased a point. Na Seong-beom’s big ball was caught in front of the wall in the second out and third base that followed, and the tie failed.

A small variable occurred at the end of the 4th inning. Hanwha Pena stopped pitching for a while after getting a right-handed hit by leading hitter Choi Hyung-woo at the bottom of the 4th inning. The upper finger of his right hand was bleeding. He scratched his index finger while throwing a breaking ball. It’s been like this before. He got checked and started pitching right away. However, from then on, I was hit and shook.

Socrates pushed lightly and made a hit in front of the left fielder, and Kim Sun-bin successfully hit a strong ball after a fake bunt to tie the game. After one death, Kim Tae-gun hit the left-hander to make the bases full, and Choi Won-joon called in two runners with a long hit that hit the right-middle fence. Immediately, Park Chan-ho’s two RBI hits came out and ran away to 6-2. I got the win right away.

Hanwha also had a great opportunity. At the beginning of the 7th inning, Yang Hyeon-jong went down and Lim Ki-young came up, Oh Seon-jin left-handed and Lee Jin-young got a walk. Lee Do-yoon also picked another walk from Lee Jun-young and got a chance to get the bases safely. However, Moon Hyun-bin’s shortstop double hit came out and the chase was only one point. The Hanwha bench was a scene where I wanted to hit the ground.

KIA finished the inning with Jeon Sang-hyun up and no additional runs. Immediately in the attack at the bottom of the 7th inning, Kim Do-young’s double hit 2nd and 3rd base, Choi Hyung-woo’s heavy hit made a point, and Socrates’ left-middle double hit the game. led Choi Won-joon recorded 3 hits and 3 RBIs, including the final hit.

Yang Hyeon-jong threw 91 pitches in 6 innings, giving up 5 hits, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts and 2 runs, winning 6 wins in the season and 165 overall. After 6 innings and 1 run (visa book) against KT on June 24, the quality start was successful in 7 games on the 63rd. He made a wonderful comeback with a powerful fastball and a low and high breaking ball.

Hanwha added one point with Lee Jin-young’s double in the top of the ninth inning. Hanwha Pena got 9 hits in 4 innings and lost 6 runs. In the 7th inning, Nam Ji-min gave 5 points and gave the team a chance to win.