Edition 1-2002 September 3-10, 2002

The first edition of the Kosovo Film Festival was held from 3 to 10 September 2002 in Gjilan. In the competition of 23 films 7 are selected. In the first edition of the festival are featured 7 feature films long, some of whom have been rewarded for different film components.

Edition 2-2004 11-17 October in Peja

Second edition of the Kosovo Film Festival was held by date 11 to 17 October 2004 in Peja, with the participation of several films worked in Kosovo, films that have been awarded by the Professional jury of the festival, with the award “Goddess in the throne “, which is provided for some components of important film.

3rd edition of 2010 The third edition of the Kosovo Film Festival

“The goddess in the throne” was held on November 20-25 2010 in Gjilan. Five films were screened at the festival in competition and two others out competition, which presented Kosovo and other countries, such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Sweden, New Zealand. Part of the Festival was also one special program, with short films of produced by Kosovo Faculty students The Arts of the University of Prishtina, that u summed up under the title “The Cinema on the future “. The films in the competition were:” Gomarët e Kufirit”(Kosovo), “Ne dhe Lenini” (Shqipëri), “Zogu i ngordhur në dollap” (Suedi), “Libertas”, (Kroaci) dhe “Cirkus Columbia” (Bosnjë e Hercegovinë). Meanwhile, films outside the competition were featured “Largimi nga Paskvelija” (Maqedoni) and “The Age of Stupid” ( New Zealand ). The best film was announced “Cirkus Columbia” directed by Danis Tanovicit.

Fourth Edition November 17-21, 2011
At the festival ” The goddess in the thron “, which he held the fourth edition from 17-21 November 2011 to Ferizaj, fifteen films appeared long and short style. With their cinematic productions, for festival prices competed in Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia France. Of the fifteen films, eight were feature-length long (artistic), while seven others of short feature. There were five in competition long feature films and all the movies short, productions of young filmmakers Kosovars and appeared in the program “Cinema of the future “. Three other feature films long appeared outside the competition. “On the Road”, directed by Jasmila Zbanic has been declared the best in the fourth edition of Kosovo Film Festival ” The goddess in the thron “, Professional jury composed of Enver actor Petrovci, actress Zethana Bahtiri, actor and actor journalist Imer Mushkolaj, singer Naser Gjinovci and director Ekrem Sopi also awarded awards others. Thus, for best director was rewarded Michele Leclerc, director of the movie “People’s Name” (France). This film also won the actress award best in the episodic role that Michelle met Moretti. The best actor was declared Jordan Simonov for the role in the movie “Panku is not dead” (Macedonia), with the award for the episodic role of the male was awarded to Bruno Shllaku for the role in the “Living” movie (Albania). In the category of short films, respectively in the “Cinema of the Future” program, the winner was Burim Haliti’s film, “Interview”. Meanwhile, the jury has decided that a special award to share former French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, for his appearance in the movie “Name of people “.

Fifth Edition 2012
At the festival ” The goddess in the thron “, which he held the fifth edition from December 27-29, 2012 at Ferizaj, featured long feature films and short. In the competition were long-running movies production productions in the region and international, and short films, that are productions of young Kosovar filmmakers, who were featured in the “Cinema of the Future” program. The film “Soul Kitchen” by director Fatih Akin (Germany) was declared the winner of the fifth edition of Kosovo Film Festival ” The goddess in the thron “. During the three days of the festival, they appeared a total of eight films. Goran was rewarded for the best director Paskaljevic for the movie “Honeymoons (Albania / Serbia), while they also split four rewards. The Best Actress Award met the actor from Macedonia, Senko Velinov, for the role in the film “This Is Not An American Movie”, while for Yllka Mujo was rewarded for the best role of woman ( “Honeymoons”). Petar Bozovic was awarded with special award for his role in this movie.In the short film program “Cinema on future, “among four films featured, the best prize belonged to the movie “Mulliri” of director Ilirjan Himaj.